Philadelphia native, Dariel Harris opens up about UBIQ and the overall mission of the fashion brand and company! Find out more about UBIQ and Harris’ typical day at UBIQ and what you can expect to see from the brand in the future.

Tell us about a little about yourself.

I’m Dariel. From Philly, born and raised. I do marketing and events around the country for brands. It is something I just fell into while just trying to make cool things that I would enjoy.

What is UBIQ?

UBIQ is a premium sneaker and apparel boutique in Philadelphia and Washington DC. The two multi-million dollar locations are a destination spot for top people who dabble in fashion and streetwear whenever they’re in the city.

What is your typical day working with UBIQ?

My days are fast pace but very team oriented. I work with creative directors and content teams to maintain the clean aesthetic that UBIQ offers while trying to market to the public. When content is completed, I typically find the best way to get the general public to react to it and make what we do attention grabbing. I speak to a lot of celebs and stylist daily because of the relevancy and quality of the product we offer. Dealing with a lot of different emotions is challenging, but fun.

What is your overall mission with UBIQ in the world of fashion?

To offer an experience that feels above your typical retail experience. We want you to interact and take pictures, come around and enjoy the stores. We also want you to be able to get the product you want and make it as easy as possible through our online and social. To stay relevant and offer what the people want is the overall goal.

With trends constantly changing, how are you able to keep up?

That credit goes to the Buyers. I’m traveling and at events often, so I see what’s moving the culture and what people are into. But there are so many different styles nowadays, I have to listen to the younger folks and the other people that might be on a different scene. So just with dialogue and discussion, we’re able to see what’s moving the people and we add how we want to move the people.

What can we expect to see from UBIQ in the future?

Bigger everything. We’ve just launched a post-retail customization factory, open to the public to create any shoe that comes to mind, called UBIQLAB. We’ve also just added a full collection of women’s apparel. We plan to continue to grow by the day on social. We have a few collaboration projects cooking up. And some pop up activations in the works in different cities. So we’ll continue to keep working and hopefully open more doors!

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