So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. A day about as normal as any other day…I mean you have to wake up on time, drive to work, do your work, and I guess there might be chocolate on your desk? Probably not flowers. Maybe heart-shaped brownies? But then work ends and the festivities begin.

And I don’t know about you, but for me, V-Day can be either the most wonderful day of the year or worst! This isn’t actually dependent upon whether or not I’m single or in a relationship either. I’ve had some miserable times with my significant other on V-Day, and some wonderful ones too, but the same goes for me when I’ve been living the single life (which is not my current MO by the way). Remember what it used to be like, back in elementary school? I guess it was pretty nerve-wracking back then too, guessing if my fellow classmates were going to give me a card (you definitely didn’t want to the only one without any cards!), and of whether or not my crush would give me one of those little hearts with a message, “Be My Valentine?” So even though you’re most likely at the age where you’ll not be worrying about how many homemade or cut out cards you’ll have in your book bag when the school bell rings, here are some tips on how to survive Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or still carrying that “it’s complicated” status.

Single Life:  

You’ve heard the Galentine wordplay on the holiday, so go ahead and call up your crew for a night out. It doesn’t matter that it’s Thursday. You don’t need a significant other, just a few of your friends. You can even share presents, whether chocolates, flowers, and don’t forget the makeup! In fact, ENJA Cosmetics is having a Valentine’s Day sale, so head over to Enja Cosmetics and use the promo Love19 for the discount.

Single/Mother Life:

There is nothing more important than family. So cuddle up with your kids (let them stay up a little later than normal) and find a movie everyone can enjoy. It doesn’t have to Valentine’s Day-themed (and really, come to think of it, are there actually any good Valentine movies? Um…), and heck, if you don’t want to watch a movie, any group activity will do. How about a late night candy spree shopping trip to Wal-Mart? That will definitely be a memory maker.

Single/It’s Complicated:

Alright, so it’s a tough place to be in, not knowing if someone is as into you as you are into them. Things might not have started, or maybe they have, they just aren’t moving along as fast as you’d like. So how about this, take a chance and go old school. Write a poem, expressing how you feel. What’s the worst that could happen? If they laugh at you, then you know they were the wrong one. And if they love it? Well, who knows what could happen, but it’ll probably be something good!

In a Relationship:

This year, instead of spending tons of money at a fancy restaurant, pick a meal which you would have bought at the fancy restaurant, and as a couple try to cook it yourself! This will not only create a lasting memory, but will help you avoid the traffic and all the hassle of leaving work, getting ready, and then heading out. No one likes feeling rushed, so have a Valentine night in. Let’s hope your significant other can cook!


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