She’s a natural go-getter and an all-around woman. Brandi Maxiell is not only a television personality, entrepreneur, blogger but she is also a survivor of ovarian cancer. Maxiell is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to all things beauty. Whether it’s in the great success of her salon, Midway Salon Suites or the products of Brandi Maxiell Cosmetics people can’t stop talking about, Brandi is on her way to the top! Sheen Magazine had the chance to sit down with Brandi Maxiell who graciously shared her experience with cancer and what all she will accomplish this year.

Do you mind telling our readers about yourself? How did you end up on VH1’s Basketball Wives?

I really ended up on Basketball Wives mainly because at the time I was a basketball wife. I was approached by two different producers to be on it. I was a little skeptical at first because at that time reality television was fairly new. (Laughs) So, I was a little nervous. I ended up talking to Shaunie and everyone about it and that’s really how everything happened. I was supposed to be on the very first season in Los Angeles but I ended up getting pregnant (laughs) which is a liability so it was postponed until the third season of Basketball Wives LA.

You’re pretty open about being a survivor of ovarian cancer, do you mind discussing this with our readers?

I say, having cancer was both a blessing and a curse at the same time. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a curse but it was very challenging and difficult just to wrap my head around the fact that I was diagnosed with the disease at just 24 because I probably had it when I was 23. At that time, I literally had just graduated from college and I’m thinking that I’m about to live my life but God had other plans. If someone asked me if I would go back and change things, I wouldn’t change it because that experience and going through that just made me more mature and appreciate life but most importantly, not take things for granted.

How would you say you use your power as an entrepreneur to help inspire others?

I’m a go getter. I kind of lived my life as a housewife but my husband and I always had an understanding that when it gets towards the end of his career, it would be my turn to live out. I didn’t go to college and get a degree just to be a housewife. I love cooking and catering but I’m a natural born hustler, that’s from my mom, my grandmother, my dad. That’s how I was raised. I love being an entrepreneur because I love having my own. I love doing what I want to do without being told what to do. It’s motivation in itself. I used to recall a time when people envied me because I was a housewife that “didn’t have to work for anything.” I love working in my salon here in Dallas and starting cosmetics because it’s only right for me to do that.

Can you tell us about your cosmetic line and salon?

I started the salon first. I opened it in 2013. I lived in a hair, salon, and beauty world for so long. My biological father and my mom have always had their own salon or barber shop since I was a little girl so it was only right for me and my mom to go into business together. We created Midway Salon Suites in Carrollton, Texas. Just being in the salon, I wanted to sell something. I wanted to put the effort into doing that. I wish I would’ve started the cosmetic line when I opened the salon but I honestly got so caught up in the show and filming. There was so much going on. My goal is to have the products sold in the salon but I sell out so quick that inventory didn’t make it there. Now, I have gotten a hang of things and now I will have enough to sell out of the salon.

What can we expect from Brandi in the future?

Being on the show, I wasn’t able to just showcase my outside life as far as my entrepreneurship and having my business. It’s not that they didn’t let me, it’s just because it didn’t work out while I was filming in LA and my business is in LA. Here on out, you can expect more on my salon. I have a project that I’m working on. It’s getting close to where I will be able to share in the next couple of months. 2018 is definitely it for Brandi Maxiell Cosmetics and Midway Salon Suites for sure!


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