“I’m looking at the statistics, less than 2% of mechanics are women, even though women are the
number one customers in the automotive industry, by far, we influence up to 95% of car buying decisions.”

A few years ago… if you googled, “female mechanic” you wouldn’t find anything useful or even worse, you’d probably find images of women in bikinis standing next to cars. Fast forward to now, if you searched the topic, Patrice Banks of Girls Auto Clinic would be a result. The car repair industry hasn’t been traditionally seen as a women’s field but that’s changing thanks to various female trailblazers like Patrice Banks. After working as an engineer for 12 years, Patrice quit her corporate job to become a mechanic. She was tired of the gender gap that faced the auto-care industry and decided it was time she did something about it. Banks made it her personal mission to change the face of the industry by including women.

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