Known as the “go to stylist”, Miss Ecka Gee has taken the fashion world by storm. Launching her recent fashion blog, she provides tips for girls who are trying to keep up with and set trends that are relatively inexpensive. Ecka Gee specializes in 90s style, and its never-changing popularity in the fashion game. With that, she has caught the eye of several talented celebrities in the industry, and has been involved with music videos and magazines all over. Styling for shows like Love and Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club, she is no stranger to the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. Ms. Ecka gave us an insight on her approach to the fashion game, and some secret pointers all women should follow.


Why do you think the 90s were such an influential time period?

I think the 90s were influenced in several different ways. One way obviously was the bold pops of color. It was such an addictive and eclectic time period. Not just that, but I love how influential attitudes were on fashion. The 90s was filled with unique personality and people who didn’t let others dictate their mood.

When you’re going out, what is a must-have for you?

I have to have on a pair of cute shoes. Of course us ladies can’t live without a good shoe! Pair that with some light colored jeans and a white top, and it’s the perfect timeless look

Do you dress for the weather or how you’re feeling at the time?

Definitely for feeling. I always want to be comfortable, but I want to have real expression through my wardrobe and style.

What would you tell women who’s getting dressed in the morning?

Consider your comfort. It is always, ALWAYS important to be comfortable. That doesn’t always mean having on a comfortable pair of shoes. Wear something that makes you comfortable being exactly who you are, and don’t try to be anyone else. Be unique and be yourself. Every time you get dressed that should be the focus.


Photo credit Francesca Andre