And just in case you feel there is no room for simplicity, it’s time to glow this Fall. Just a few deft touches to create effortlessly flushed cheeks.


Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush |  MAC Casual Colour Tint

If using a powder blush:  For powder use a medium-sized, soft and full-headed blush brush and buff on in circular motions for intense yet evenly diffused color, If you apply too much color remove gently with a soft tissue using the same motion.


Nars The Multiple Orgasm | Victoria’s Secret Chic Cheeks Cream Blush | Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush 

Cream blush: For cream, use a mixed fiber round brush or your fingers, blend up and then around. You can pat or ‘stipple’ to perfect the blend the edges otherwise use swift longer strokes to avoid blotchiness. Be sure that cheeks are free of excess moisturizer etc. and that foundation is properly applied to prevent a blotchy application.


Temptu Airpod Blush | Sonia Kashuk Lip & Cheek Tint | PÜR Cosmetics Chateau Cheek Stain | Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Dew Baby-Pink Liquid Blush 

Stain or liquid blush:  For a stain or liquid do the same as you would cream. With stains you must work quickly and have a bit of moisturizer/foundation on hand to soften and perfect it. Apply powder after, not before, cream, liquid or stain blushers.

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