Suga Free is a West Coast legend. From pimping to rapping, Suga Free continues to bless his fans with unforgettable moments and performances.

Last month, Suga Free blessed Kushstock, the biggest cannabis festival which takes place twice a year in Adelanto, California. This event drew over 13K people from all over the world, all conjoining to celebrate the love of the flower.

While endless forms of entertainment were present, such as a car show and wrestling match, music lovers were patiently waiting for the legendary Suga Free to take the stage. The best part? Kushstock was free to attend. Their logo is For The People, By The People… but a free Suga Free show?! What a great way to end the holiday.

Suga Free popped up to Kushstock in a clean, purple lowrider with his kids inside. This was the first time he brought his family to perform, which was a moment in itself. Of course, Suga Free never disappoints. His out-of-this-world personality delivered as he blessed the crowd with standout hits such as “Why U Bullshittin’?” and “I’d Rather Give You My Bitch.”

At one point during the show, Suga Free takes the moment to show love to his baby mama, even joking about how she’s okay with him pursuing other females.

“I brought them out tonight, I don’t normally do that,” Suga Free begins by addressing his family being with him this evening. “Number one, my baby mama always know I’m in the hot pursuit of another prostitute. And she’s okay with that! She got several different nicknames, one of them is Mommy Pastroni. Wait a minute motherfucker, we’re talking 23 years.”

Suga Free also gave fans an update on his new album titled Mr P Body.

“The Mr. P Body record is almost done,” Suga Free states. “Y’all ask me how did I get it done so fast? Cocaine motherfucker!”

Yet another classic Suga Free moment.