Okay, so for those of us that indulge in the reality television guilty pleasure, you may have seen what has recently turned into “The Great Wedding Ring Debate”.

What’s the debate, you ask? To wear or not to wear? That is the question. Surprisingly, this topic has created a great divide for many.

Now, on this one reality show that shall remain nameless, one of the cast members is faced with her husband’s inability to remember to wear his wedding band. What appears to make this more of an issue, according to her, is his past infidelities. During a heated argument outside the marital home, he took his wedding band off and threw it away, never to be found again. While most of us may not have had the displeasure of such a trifling and disrespectful display, it is somewhat common for one or both parties in some marriages to elect not to wear their wedding rings.

In my opinion, and this is merely my opinion, it isn’t so much the ring as it is what it represents. If it was just about getting a gift from your beloved on your wedding day then I can think of about a thousand other things to ask for that are just as pretty that I can wear “every now and then”. But no, this represents the never-ending circle of love and trust between two people that vow to spend their lives loving each other before God and all of their friends and family members.

This is sacred and this symbol is exchanged during the most important moment of the entire ceremony. Now I’m sure many will disagree and say that it’s all about “what’s in your heart” or “as long as ‘we’ know then other people don’t matter”. While that is a great point, it matters for the same reason that you take months to plan and invite all the people that you care about to be present on that special day. It’s because you want them to share in your moment, so why not share that valuable moment in time with the world?

Your wedding band speaks without saying a word to let the world know “I am taken”!