As I go onto social media pages, watch the news, and walk into a local restaurant, the tragedies of today are inescapable. Hearts drop and tears flood the nation as African-American men continually become another hashtag. Videos become more unbearable to watch, and promises for peace are not being kept. We fear for our fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons to walk out of the door, to chase their dreams, and even to go to school. We hold onto them tight out of fear that it may be our last chance.

A few months ago I was downtown out with a few of my friends, and saw an African-American yelling down the street. ‘Are you going to shoot me even though I’m not doing anything?’ Two Caucasian officers were following behind him asking that he leave the club, and stop trying to use the race card. All I could think was ‘please don’t let anything happen’. I found myself mad seeing this first hand, but then I saw my friends sitting outside of the club mad. ‘He tried to fight me because I bumped into him when we were dancing. I apologized, but then he started to try and fight me and the security guard.’

My entire view changed, and I found myself scared for what this world is coming to. Although it didn’t turn out to be what I thought, all I could think was what if I witnessed such things? Not only that, but what if I witness such things only one block away from Mother Emmanuel where we lost 9 angels? We must stand together now more than ever. SHEEN Magazine would like to take the time to remember all of those lost due to police cruelty and the violence that has risen in these times.

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