We see beauty subscription boxes flooded all over our timelines on social media but this natural subscription box is out here helping women with a sweet, little twist.

Black-owned subscription box, Femly Box is a natural PMS box that aims to help women enjoy their time of the month.

You read it right!

Ladies, we all know it’s a love/hate relationship with our periods but what if we told you it doesn’t have to be a negative time in your life?

Forget the mood swings and say goodbye menstrual cramps because this box is here to be your helping hand!

Regardless if you don’t suffer from cramps every month, this subscription box was made to completely turn your view on periods forever!

Tell us more!

All of the products in the Femly Box are 100% chemical free and 100% cotton. This plays an important role in the success of the products because many feminine products are known to link to heavy bleeding, fibroids, cramps, and cancer. You’ll receive a mix of products. Snacks, body care, relief for cramps, lifestyle products, face masks, makeup brushes, body scrubs, and more!


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About the founder

27 year-old mastermind, Arion Long truly believes that her purpose in life is to serve others. We could not think of a better way to do so with this subscription box! In an interview with XoNecole, Long shares that she suffered from irregular cycles, cramps, ovarian cysts, and a cervical tumor. Upon doing her research to find out the ingredients in the products she often found at stores, she found that there are more dangers of chemicals in the products women use than they actually know! We all know there is always a healthier option but it isn’t always affordable and that’s where Long drew the line!

What sets the brand apart from others?

Femly Box is the ONLY black-owned feminine care service and offers an array of 100% cotton products that caters to your period week while also including surprises throughout the box!

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