Issa Rae is a woman on the move as she continues to thoroughly entertain us in her groundbreaking hits such as HBO’s Insecure and revivals such as Milk + Honey. Now she’s elevating yet another web series she was a creative genius behind and moving it to TV.

Butter + Brown will be premiering its first season on Aspire TV in October! Butter + Brown is an culinary series hosted by Seth Brundle and Leslie Antonoff; the show will have celebrity guests such as Rick Ross, Larenz Tate, Carla Hall, David Banner and many more for conversation, recipes, drinks and games!

Butter + Brown premiers on October 3rd at 8 PM EST on Aspire TV. For a glimpse of what you can expect from Butter + Brown, check out Issa Rae’s YouTube.

Featured Image: Shutterstock