Meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time during the holidays could be both enlightening and a stressful experience. Being the boy in the family bringing his new girlfriend vs being the girl in the family bringing her new boyfriend is a very different experience because it could either go two ways; either you’re the first serious girlfriend or “friend” he has brought to a family holiday or you are just the next girl for the year and everyone is just waiting to see who he comes with next.

Are you the girlfriend to the young professional who has very respectful morals or the girlfriend to the guy who is a little ruff around the edges? The major concern is trying to figure out what to wear meeting his family for the first time. While every family is different, find out what a typical Thanksgiving is like and ask your date what they’re wearing.

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You can wear leggings as long as you wear a shirt and/or blazer long enough to cover your bottom

Talk to your date about what other family members typically wear on Thanksgiving. Play it safe with neutrals and natural makeup. Also make sure to not to expose too much skin (save the cleavage and short skirts/dresses for when you go out with your girls that weekend). Here are a few different looks to think about while planning your outfit!


thanksgiving fit

You can never go wrong with a cardigan. Add a fedora for perfection

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