We patiently waited. Well, who are we kidding? We actually frantically paced our rooms with our favorite Adele record on repeat, daydreaming of the day she’d release her next album.

After a four year hiatus and the birth of her son Angelo, the songstress, who first stole our hearts back in 2008 with the debut of album 19, which reached commercial success and critical acclaim, released her third studio album, entitled 25 in November.

In perfect Adele fashion, the songwriter delivered, yet another album nothing short of amazing with a slew of ballads beautifully hitting every heartbreaking note while seamlessly dominating the music charts.

Within the first week of the album’s release, it sold 3.38 million copies (Nov. 20-Nov.26), and has since climbed to nearly 4 million sales by the second week according to, making it the fastest-selling album in America and Britain, ever and solidifying the singer as a certified soul-singing sensation.

And if her impressive record-breaking sales aren’t enough to floor you, the album’s first record “Hello”—a tale of a lover’s unsuccessful attempt to reach out to her ex and hash out the ‘details’ of their break up, has received nearly a billion views, breaking the internet—no gimmicks necessary.

This comes as no surprise as her two previous bodies of work generated similar world-wide success, earning her 9 Grammy awards collectively, including but not limited to, Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and several Brit and AMA awards.

What is it about Adele and her music that transcends generations and cultural boundaries? Is it her underdog-success story of growing up in a single-parent home, or is it her songs that eloquently seem to describe our tales of pain, love and sorrow?

Whatever it is, we’re just excited to be part of the generation that had the opportunity to witness such an amazing talent.