On Saturday, April 6, 2019, Wildstyle Entertainment and G-Squared Events is bringing out a highly anticipated show with a stellar star-studded lineup. The 5th Annual Soul Music Festival at the San Diego Valley View Casino Center will be packed with fans who will be enjoying the sounds of, Stephanie Mills, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Keith Sweat and Next.

Behind every successful man is a story, and his story is made of persistence and the desire to be a powerful and profound player in the world of top-quality event promotion. Known as Marcus Wildstyle, his career came from humble beginnings, but he had the heart and mind to stay consistent in a business that can quite literally break someone down and get the best of them.

Marcus did not get where he is now overnight, he started out doing house parties as a teenager in Los Angeles, California and subsequently worked himself up into the high-profile event promotor that we see now. As an insightful and creative individual, Marcus had great ideas. In the early years, he would often host events in theater that combined R&B performances along with comedy. These shows always brought out large crowds. Along his journey, he has worked with some of the biggest names in both areas. When asked about his history, Marcus says, “I have worked with practically every comedian–Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer, Sommore and I’m talking about even before they hit the big dollars.” As he was reminiscing, he told a story of going to a club and talking with one particular owner and how he offered him a deal where he would bring in more people to the club. The reason behind this was that Marcus noticed that on average, Friday and Saturday night would yield no more than about twenty-five patrons. He knew he could easily increase those numbers. The owner agreed and Marcus began to bring in so much business that the fire department had to be called in order to help control the crowd by letting one out and one in—that’s just how much he changed the flow of what the owner had. He turned it around and made it into one of the hottest places to be on the weekend. After a year and a half…Marcus was blindsided when the owner approached him and simply told him they weren’t going to do this anymore. The silver lining to all of this is that after he made the announcement to the crowd that he would no longer be there, his followers naturally followed him. He was on top of his game despite the owner’s new plans and he began to easily rent out theaters with crowds that ranged from 2,500 to 3,000 people.

photo provided by Marcus Wildstyle

As observant and business-minded as he was then and still is today, he noticed there was a market in San Diego that was quite different from the over-saturated entertainment scene in Los Angeles. This observation was the ticket to his continued success as a trustworthy and genuine promoter who did what he said and said what he meant. In the world of business, these qualities are essential in order to make a name for yourself that people will respect and remember–Wildstyle did just that, and he finessed the business perfectly. He was built for it and he has the eyes, ears, and the mind to give people what they want. He says, “God has permitted me to do what I do best. I have a booking agency as well, so if I book artists, I’ll fly out with them make sure they get paid, make sure everything is straight. They don’t handle that, I handle the contracts and all that, so I come in and make sure all of that is done. God has allowed me to live up to the potential. When I first got into this game with no name, artists were wondering who I was. They wanted me to get a few shows under my belt and call them back…now today it’s reversed, they are calling me.”

His faith in himself and reverence for God has yielded him a tremendous amount of respect and admiration in this business. He has earned his stripes so to speak and his incredible journey is one that others can definitely learn from. What’s more, is that he genuinely loves music and how it makes him feel. Even as a child growing up, music has always been a major part of his life. It is clear that he has found his calling because his success, work ethic, and credibility speak volumes and we hear it loud and clear.

Wildstyle Entertainment offers a wide variety of events. They work with the best talent that the entertainment industry has available. Marcus loves what he does and enthusiastically expressed, “When you attend a Wildstyle Entertainment event, you can always expect a star-studded and exciting experience. I bring you the best in comedy, R&B, and hip-hop shows. Like I always say, if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready!”

If you’d like to learn more about Wildstyle Worldwide Entertainment or to book your next show, reach out by calling the number listed on the event flyer and follow the Marcus Wildstyle Fan Page on social media.

Desirae L. Benson is a west-coast based editor, entertainment media host, public relations specialist, content editor, and the host of her own show, “Moved By The Music” where she interviews mainstream and indie artists who are doing great things in the music industry. She also has two other segments of her show which include, “The Person of Prominence”, “The Actor’s Spotlight,” and “Comedians Corner.” To learn more about her, you can visit her website here and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram: @DesiraeBBB

Featured Image Courtesy ofMarcus Wildstyle Entertainment and GSquared Events