Alexa, play “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song.”

Our ’90s-inspired fashion dream has just come true all thanks to Will Smith!

Without a doubt, Will Smith was one of the best dressed stars on television during the ’90s.

Well now, in a way, Smith is bringing his character back to life and allowing us to look just as good! Page Six has reported that the actor is dipping his toes into the world of fashion to release a clothing line called Bel-Air Athletics.

The official press release states that the capsule collection is “grounded in the rebellion and individuality that Will’s character embodied on the show.”

The exciting new collection contains limited-edition items which can all be ordered through Will Smith’s website until October 14th! What’s cool about the collection is that it is limited edition and everything is made to order!

For more information and to check out the Fresh Prince merchandise, click here!