At the beginning of the year, many empowering women in the entertainment industry joined forces to bring Time’s Up.

The organization’s main goal is to fight against sexual harassment and assault in the workplace and since them, many women have been able to open up and share their stories. We’ve just learned some exciting news!

The advocacy group has just named its first-ever CEO and it is none other than WNBA President, Lisa Borders!

Check out the official announcement below!

Borders will now step down as President of the WNBA in order to take on her new role as CEO of the organization.

Producer, Shonda Rhimes who is one of the original signatories of the organization was part of the committee in search of its first CEO.

In a statement to Vanity Fair, Rhimes explained,

“Lisa has the qualities I wanted most, which is proven experience and commitment to gender and inclusion issues, and an amazing track record moving the needle of change.”

Borders will officially begin her role as CEO on November 1st.

Borders told Vanity Fair, “It’s out here for everybody. This is not a club,”

She added, “I would just offer the invitation to everyone, right here, right now . . . come join us on this journey.”

Congratulations Lisa Borders!

Featured Image: Shutterstock