In this day and age, there seems to be an endless amount of pop ups happening. Some wonder if the craze is becoming over saturated and if there’s anything new to even create.

Two women are taking on that challenge. Enter: WOMANISH. WOMANISH is the first exhibition of its kind thought up and produced by contemporary women, for everyone to experience.

WOMANISH was birthed by two African American millennial sisters, Dionna and Danyelle Gray. Entrepreneurship has always been something they were passionate about. First by working on a tech app, that unfortunately did not pan out, but the premise was the same: creating safe spaces for women and empowering them as well. Instead of online, now, they seek to do this in person, and in a major way.

Coincidentally enough, the two were inspired by the infamous Fyre fest, in terms of thinking large. While Dionna and Danyelle had thrown smaller events, never to something of this magnitude. However, they felt that with the right team, they would be able to pull off something incredible. Their creative team consists of a creative director who brought Fall Out Boy’s “Mania” to life last year in Chicago and who has worked with countless other top brands such as Amazon, Google, Sephora, and more.

Attendees can feel rest assured this women led team knows exactly what they’re doing and promise an unforgettable experience.

It’s important to the founders that guests know that WOMANISH is not just another pop up. While it will be an extremely fun, and interactive experience for all, WOMANISH was created with womxn in mind to connect and feel empowered in an incredible environment. Everyone is welcome, women are celebrated.

Attendees can expect to enter into a ticketed exhibition composed of multiple exploratory room activations, where each of the experiences represents an identifying factor of womxnhood from various perspectives; in a space imagined and built by womxn.

While standard pop ups are fun, you know places where you simply take pictures for Instagram. WOMANISH aims to go a little deeper. Where the rooms are creative and of course instagrammable, but each feature an underlying theme of the womxn experience. This exhibition will also be layered on with programming. From brunches, to panel events and even parties, WOMANISH seeks to be place guests visit multiple times over.

Even though the concept rooms are being kept under wraps by the founders and their creative team, they promise it to be an experience like you’ve never seen.With a successful launch party and two other events under the WOMANISH belt, hundreds have already been able to get a taste of the WOMANISH Brand.

See it for yourself when the exhibit opens in Spring 2020. Tickets are set to go on sale in December.

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All images by Emily Dahlquist