Mompreneur, Yahya Smith has created a platform in order to show women that they can have it all. Yes, ALL! She is a mother, a wife, and the owner of Feminine Success School and The Success Circle. Not only does she coach women through her teaching but she influenced women all over the world to create the life they want without undermining that you are first, a woman. In this exclusive interview with Smith, she gave us insight behind her successful programs and offers her best advice to our readers. You don’t want to miss this!

Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get into the world of international speaking and coaching?
Well, I’m 29-years old, I am a wife and a homeschooling mom. I started just being a homeschooling mom to my children. I realized that marriage was really fun and easy for me, same thing with homeschooling and raising a national family so I wanted to share that. I started a blog and it started to take on a more serious tone. I was being asked questions that were impactful and I saw that I could answer more questions which led me to LIVE streaming. Once you’re LIVE, you’re basically a speaker already. You’re honing your story, your honing your speech and so I was beginning to receive requests to speak and coach. I had to make a transition from just being a blogger to actually supporting people with solutions to their problems surrounding womanhood, family life ,lifestyle, and more.

Do you mind giving us insight on Feminine Success School?
Feminine Success School is for the woman whose definition of success includes: family and marriage. I know that is not every woman’s definition of success but for many women, that is something they do not want to give up. I have created an online portal for women to come and learn. From cooking and home making to creating a peaceful environment in your relationships to how you can build a business from home that can replace your income but also doesn’t require you to hustle and grind all day long, the goal is to fulfill you and your family. It is for the woman who wants to have it all but understands that she needs a strategy to make it happen.

What is the main mission you set out through your programs, The Success Circle and Feminine Success School?
That healthy relationships, whether they’re family relationships, business, or romantic, we as women feel more fulfilled when we have healthy relationships. With that, we’re more creative, we’re able to be less stressed out and overwhelmed, we simply have that safe place to land at the end of the day. Not only do I teach women how to be that safe place to land but also how to track and receive that safe place to land in life.

Why do you stress the importance of restoring love and family through femininity?
To me, the woman sets the tone of the household, wherever we go. If you’ve ever been in a room where everyone is excited and happy and then there is one woman who walks in with a bad attitude, the whole tone changes OR on the flip side, a woman will walk in with a bright, sunny beautiful attitude and the whole tone changes as well. When we understand that power that we have, we have that power no matter where we are. That power is influenced and impacted. If we can learn to use it instead of tapping into the masculine so heavily and believing that being like men is the only way we can win in whatever setting then we will change the dynamic of the way our families are raised and it’s not to say that the feminine is better than the masculine. What we’re experiencing is that we’re at a battle. Our whole society is based on this masculine vibe and we need to inject that femininity back in so that our health, businesses, and ability to play big in life will be better if we learn to play and win like women.

Could you offer your best advice to our readers?
My best advice is to fully value yourself. There was a time when I felt like I was just a housewife or a stay at home mom. When you realize the value of what you do, you will stop giving discounts and stop taking less. Other people will respect the value as well. It’s important because not only is it beneficial to you but when others respect and value you, you hold space for them step up and be bigger. If you value yourself and your relationships, that man has to step up and be a bigger man in order to be in a relationship with you. You improve everything around you when you fully value yourself.

What can we expect to see from Yahya in the future?

Of course, Feminine Success School is in our second year now. We are expanding a lot and inviting a lot more women in. The Success Circle is a more intimate group but it is a very high level, intimate group for relationship coaching, so growing that as well. I would love to host retreats for women. I just really want to focus on helping women be better women and helping us be more fulfilled women.


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