Love and Hip Hop New York is getting hotter and hotter every season, and last night was the premiere of Season 6. Some new additions like Remy Ma and some more fresh face talent only continue the show’s reputation of keeping things interesting. Long time veterans of the cast, Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris gave SHEEN a personal look into their perspective of the season and on the recent news of Mendeecees’ incarceration.

What can we expect from the show throughout this new season? Any secrets you can let us in on?

Well one thing is there are a bunch of a new cast members, and crazy is an understatement of how insane it gets. One thing that is definitely different is that we have a LOT of up and coming hip hop artists on the show. They are hungry, they are excited, and they are kind of holds no bard; whether it’s their music or their opinion, they are all ready to be heard. So their all just fighting for the top spot, and really utilizing this position to make a mark in the entertainment community.

Would you say with the new additions to the cast, this season is gearing up to be filled with an extra dose of drama?

To be honest with you, we watch the show as you watch it. You know we have our own little bits of personal drama, and we are kind of intertwined with our friends. There is a new artist on the show by the name of Bianca [and] she has a lot of drama going on towards the opening of the show. Then Peter, who is good friends with Mendeecees, has some drama going on in his camp that you guys will see, so there’s a couple of things that will unfold that will definitely leave you guys with your mouths open.

What do you think you both have brought to the show in the past seasons and this season?

We bring a since of family, love, some type of normalcy. My man is not cheating on me, I’m not cheating on him, we don’t have secret lives. Although that’s prevalent in the world, its not the only type of relationships in the world. I feel like we speak to that other crowd with a normal family people that love each other. We’re for the viewer couple that just wants to raise their children and come home, Netflix n’ chill. Ha ha!

We all watched you welcome baby girl Skylar into your family recently. How is it raising children and balancing reality TV? Do you ever feel uncomfortable sharing your family with the world?

Well either way, whether its on the show or not on the show, my husband always tells me “uh uh, you can’t wear that skirt your daughter might be looking at you.” Or “Don’t be doing them dances in front of my daughter!” Whether we’re shooting a show or its just real life, there is a standard that needs to be upheld when it comes to my children. And now that I have a daughter, its even more pressure to make sure that there is a level of excellence and a level of class that I won’t go beneath. Its important for my daughter to understand the legacy that is before her. If she is ever to be anything like me, she needs to know what her mom believes in. These shows are going to be out there forever, and your kids can always go back and Google it so its important for me to set the standard high for all of my children.


How are you all currently dealing with the recent announcement of Mendeecees going to prison for eight years?

For us, the world says eight years and that’s what is says on paperwork, but that’s not what it is at all. It’s a lot less time than that. Overall, its been something that we have prepared ourselves for. Two years ago when we got the news, it hit me like a ton of bricks. This time around I knew it was coming, you know. When someone is out on bail, its like here they are for a little while, but eventually they have to do the time for whatever the crime was. So we were able to prepare our children, and I had time to internalize what was really about to happen. The good thing about it is our children have definitely been apart of dad’s life to know how awesome he is, not only as a father, but as a person in his community. This is a charge from 2005/06, before we even had children. And this has also been a lesson to our children that no matter how long ago things are done, in time anything can catch up to you.

What can we expect from your own personal endeavors going forward?

I’m definitely getting back into the management game; I took a bit of a break after I had my son here. I went on my last tour with Missy, and you all saw me quit working with The Joneses’ and that really gave me the room I needed to be stress free, have children, get married. Now that I have my little family, I’m ready to kick in some doors. So on the show, you’ll see that. I’ve also written a book that is actually getting ready to go on pre-order sales tonight. The book will be released right before Christmas, so you have just enough time to add it to your stocking stuffer list. I also opened a studio, so I’m working with artists and producers. I’m working on a skincare line, its just a lot going on that I’m excited about. Mendeecees has a new sneaker line coming out called M. Sportivo, and its going to be released for Christmas. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll be able to keep track of where you can purchase those as well as on the show, and they are pretty dope!

Is there anything that you’d like to say to your fans that they might not hear from you on the show?

That’s a good question. Well one thing I’d like my fans to know is that none of this comes easy. The work, the family, the situations we go through as a family; none of it has ever been easy for me and I honestly don’t foresee it getting any easier. These are things that have made us who we are, and everything we’ve been able to achieve has also made us who we are. I think that people need to understand that that’s what life is all about. Life is all about working hard and sometimes losing in order to win. On the show, you only see a portion of my life. You see me get back into management and the client that I have, she acts a little crazy, and then she has a breakthrough here and there, but it can be perceived like its easy for me. Nothing is easy. You guys don’t see the nights that I go home and I pray and I cry. I fight for my family, I fight for my clients, because nothing is as easy as it seems on TV. It’s a struggle and it’s a fight.