Over the past couple of months, beauty lovers all over the world have been raving about this Japanese skincare brand and to be honest, we just can’t blame them!

The brand has just released a moisturizing set that is guaranteed to bring your skin back to life! This week, QVC launched the beauty set which includes Tachta’s Deep Cleanse, Essence, and Silk Cream for $125! If you were to buy these products at regular price, you would have to drop a whopping $253!

The Silk Cream runs for $120 while the Deep Cleanse is $38, and Essence is $95. Talk about a deal!

Tachta’s Deep Cleanse is a gel-based cleanser that contains fruit fibers and gently exfoliates oily and combination skin. It also contains leopard lily which will smooth your skin’s texture and diminish the appearance of pores. Say no more!

This product is a beauty must-have! The Essence is a green-tea infused product that is supposed to be used after cleansing the face. It provides your skin with the maximum hydration.

Last but not least, the Silk Cream will guarantee that your skin stays moisturized all while looking flawlessly beautiful!

Tachta products are known to sell out fast so be sure you get your hands on this deal quickly!

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All images obtained on QVC.