Let’s be real, prom dress shopping is hard. As a matter of fact, not all young ladies and their families can afford them.

With the expenses of high school and the want to find the perfect dress for the perfect night, it can get overwhelming.

Well, we’ve found this young lady we cannot help but hold in respect for during the hectic season of prom.

Mika or @CHIC4MASDULCE as Twitter users know her has offered a helping hand for one teen to have the night of their life.

That’s not all, after Mika shared with social media that she wanted to help, many people took a following and have offered the same.

Young queens like Mika are out here going above and beyond for strangers. How beautiful and inspiring? It sure does help us reognize that there are indeed, more good people in the world than bad.

Can we get a round of applause for Mika and the young ladies following in her lead?

Featured Image: Mika | Instagram