Shanygne or as many know her on YouTube, Too Much Mouth is everything we imagined her to be. She’s sweet, humble, and we’re certain that this young, ambitious influencer has surely made a name for herself in the world of YouTube and blogging. In an exclusive interview with Sheen, Shanygne discusses the woman behind the camera and where the name, Too Much Mouth comes from.

Could you tell us about yourself and how you ended up on YouTube?

Well, about two and a half years ago, my mother was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer. It was right before I was a junior in college, days before my finals. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to because my family members were trying to deal with it themselves. I was dealing with the weight of the news, dealing with finals, and having a job by myself so I started out making my own WordPress blog. I was reviewing makeup and talking about makeup on there because I felt like it was a way for me to kind of escape from everything I had going on. It took off rather quickly and after awhile, people suggested doing it in video format because it would be better to understand. I posted my first YouTube video in October of 2015 and it quickly started building with responses and here I am two years later.

Upon searching you, Too Much Mouth appears. Do you mind telling us the story behind the name?

I chose the name Too Much Mouth because it was probably the best way I could describe myself (laughs) Since I was a child, I’ve been told I’ve got way too much mouth. I’m just unapologetically myself and I’m that person who will say what everyone else wants to say but isn’t going to. I think I’m a different type of outspoken that isn’t seen that much and I think that’s what really draws people in.

Who is the woman behind the camera? What do you enjoy doing other than creating content for your subscribers?

It’s funny because I am a beauty and lifestyle influencer but the other side of me is the complete opposite. I’m really into sports. Growing up, the closest sibling in age is a boy. If I ever wanted to hang out with him or my dad, I had to watch sports. I watched it so much that I was actually going to pursue it right after college. That’s what I thought I wanted to do but then YouTube came along and I like sports but I think I like makeup just a little bit more. (laughs) When I’m not doing anything for YouTube, I’m usually doingsomething sports related. Definitely not playing it (laughs) just watching it, hanging out, and trying to be as normal I can be without the internet.

What makes your experience on YouTube worth it in the end?

Definitely the response that I get from my audience. It means a lot when people say that I’ve helped them, whether it’s a swatch video or a review, having people tell me that I’m a voice that’s needed in the industry feels good. The issue of dark skin, makeup, and inclusivity is a very hot subject right now, it’s always been something that I’ve made sure is noticeable when people first come to my channel.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide. Can you share your holy grail product and why it is your go to?

My holy grail product is a lipstick, which is funny to me because lips and foundation I feel like pretty much consume my channel because that’s what I do the most. The Dose of Color, Chocolate Wasted lipstick probably has to be my holy grail product because I can use it to make any lipstick combination that I want to make work. I’m very rarely just wearing one lipstick color and it is the perfect brown, it’s just a holy grail.

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