You know and love her as ulovemegz on YouTube! We finally got to know the naturalista that has the world falling head over heels for her. In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, we dug in deep with Megan to discuss what inspired the creation of her beauty channel, her upcoming projects, and must-have beauty products. Join us as we got to know the influencer taking the world by storm.

Tell our readers about yourself.

Hey everyone, my name is Megan aka Megz, your homegirl friend from around the California way! I currently live in sunny Los Angeles California. The sun always shines and it keeps me shining on the inside! I am a bubbly, fun, loving person who enjoys sharing everything black beauty related on my social media platforms. My main platform is YouTube where I chat about hair care, makeup, product reviews, girl life chats, vlogs and pretty much whatever I feel like doing!

What inspired the creation of your beauty channel?

My family was my biggest inspiration when it came to starting my beauty channel! My dad and my sister really pushed me to start a beauty channel and was very encouraging about it because I never thought I would be on YouTube or could do it. I remember my sister Ashley would say “You can do what those girls are doing” because I would sit and watch girls style their hair and makeup for hours back in 2007 -2008 time frame. While learning how to do my makeup and searching videos, I started to search videos on how to take better care of my relaxed hair at the time. I came across Traycee Simmons videos back when she was “Kissseventyseven” on YouTube, and I was inspired to take better care of my relaxed hair after seeing her relaxed waist-length hair so joined her haircare forum to learn how to grow my hair also. From her hair care forum, I would get questions about the products I use, how I achieved certain styles and questions about my makeup from other users on the site. I figured it would be easier to show step by step process of how I did things in video versus text. I told my sister and my dad “The girls on the forum want me to make a video on how I did my hair!” I was so nervous because I was really shy and unsure of myself back then. My dad purchased my first camera and I started my channel from those ladies and Traycee on her hair forum and the encouragement and help of my dad and sister.

Can you tell us about your natural hair journey? What made you want to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I was just over the relaxed hair routine. I was relaxed for 12 years, and I needed a change. I was tired of going through the no no’s of having relaxed hair. Don’t scratch your scalp during a particular time, don’t get your hair wet, and all that jazzy jazz! I was actually natural for a while before even relaxing was a thought as a teenager! I figured I could get the same look that I used to have as a teen when I silk pressed my hair but eliminate the chemicals! I did enjoy my relaxed hair and don’t hold anything against people who still choose to relax their hair, I just wanted a change for myself, and I’m happy with my choice.

Do you mind sharing your favorite products for natural hair?

My overall favorite product would be conditioners! CONDITIONERS, CONDITIONERS, CONDITIONERS! I love a good conditioner and a bomb hair masque. I love the juicy goodness it gives my hair. I am a believer in conditioning the hair to retain long healthy hair.

You also vlog on your channel, what was it that made you want to open up your life to the internet world? Do you struggle with anything as an online influencer?

I first started getting the request from my viewer friends asking me to vlog and I kind of always brushed it off because I didn’t think that I was that interesting but I kept getting more and more request! So I thought about it I started vlogging because I felt like my social media homegirl and homeboy friends didn’t really know me. I am a very private person to a certain extent but letting them see my behind the scenes was and still is a struggle for me at times. I understand that there is a line that I must have for my private life and my social media life. I tend to share things that would benefit those watching and contents that will brighten their day versus just vlogging any old thing. I plan to vlog more shortly because I do enjoy vlogging now.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, do you mind sharing your holy grail product?

My holy grail product would have to be grapeseed oil for my skin and my hair. It keeps my skin feeling oh so smooth and looking great with a cute glossy shine and my hair so juicy and moisturized. I love Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb for those glam and simple days when you want some extra something-something cute!

What else can we expect to see from you in the future? 

You can expect more of ME and a lot more FUN. I not able to share just yet but I am grateful for everything that I have coming. Of course, I will be new content that I will continue to create for all my friends. 

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