She is indeed a jack of all trades. Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey is a licensed psychologist, associate psychology, professor, certified life coach, and vlogger. She has become a hit sensation on the application for sharing her struggles with low self-esteem and self image. Through her videos, Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey documents her journey to success and how she has grown to love herself. To us, she is an inspiration to many for the challenges she’s faced and how she continues to empower other people by her uplifting spirit. Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey spoke exclusively to SHEEN to give us the insight on how her lifestyle has affected her previously and now.

Your journey is full of triumph and success, what are some hardships you’ve had to face?

I think one of my biggest hardships is letting go of the old and not being afraid to dive into the new. That can be in terms of relationships, friendships, moving across the country to pursue your hopes and dreams, really just conquering the unknown. Knowing that people might ridicule you or not understand, being able to remain the person you are and steadfast in what you need to do. For me, being focus on that goal and not letting what is around me to change those goals.

How has maintaining a healthy lifestyle affected you?

I would say it has affected me positively because its reduced the amount of stress I have, its allowed me to think with clarity, its allowed me to freely share with other people, increased my self-esteem, and made me feel better about myself overall. It helps me remember that if I didn’t take care of myself, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the things that I need and want. It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment in itself because it shows me I have a level of discipline and drive.

At what point in your life did you decide that you wanted to put the effort in to make that drastic change in your life?

It started when I was about 21. I really learned the essence of taking care of yourself. I slowly but surely learned a bit more about what it meant to do that. What led to that was that I realized that every other part in my life, I was doing pretty good. My weight was always an insecurity of mine. I didn’t feel as if the inside matched the outside. I wanted to really step into the next step in my life to change every asset of my life in terms of being healthy. I couldn’t consider myself partially healthy, I wanted to be fully healthy. People always had the same thing to say about me because they weren’t happy with themselves and what they had going on. It was never that I was ugly or that I couldn’t achieve something, or talented enough, it was that I was fat. That’s the reality. I think sometimes I allowed myself to accept less than what I deserved.

What was the most difficult factor for you in terms of your weight loss? Was it eating right, working out, getting prepared mentally?

I’m gonna say all of it (laughs) For instance, when you talk to people about fitness, everyone thinks they know everything. The problem is we haven’t personalized it to ourselves. For me, I thought I knew it all. The hardest part was learning it all and how it applied to me. Not only my life but my body type, how I was designed to look, how you eat, or even getting into a gym. The first time I went to the gym, I just went to the gym. I went, I looked and I at least conquered that. I had to get over that. Conquering my mind along with the physical, along with the eating to me all together is a package in itself that is hard.

Can you share a bit of advice for those who aren’t in love with themselves whether it’s inside or out?

I always tell people to start to tackle both at one time. What I mean is, that journey I took, gets me emotional when I talk about it. I’ve lost that weight 11 years ago and I’ve been able to keep it off. Sometimes, it’s a hard factor to face. Getting to that point, knowing that you don’t and addressing what you do and don’t like is the biggest part and then working on it as a whole. If you’re struggling with that, don’t be afraid to look at both, however, don’t become overwhelmed  if you don’t like something about yourself. You have the time to fix it. Look at yourself critically and with love, think about how you can improve. The way you fix it is about what you think. We like to think about the noise around us, but what about you?

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