She calls herself the creative hustler and that is exactly what she is. Destiny Taylor, known as Destiny Taylor xo on YouTube and social media is taking the world by storm with her sweet, angelic personality but most of all creative talent that shines oh-so bright. On YouTube, her subscribers await the release of each video she posts and is constantly wanting more. Enough of us raving about this young influencer on the rise, get to know her yourself and you’ll grow to love her just as much as Sheen Magazine does!

Tell us about yourself. What inspired the creation of your YouTube channel?
My name is Destiny Taylor and I am a Midwest girl originally from Gary, Indiana. I moved to Indianapolis and that is where I was pretty much raised. My favorite people in the world are my mom, my grandma, and my two sisters. I now live in California, I moved out here immediately after I graduated from college in May 2017 with my Bachelors in PR. I started my YouTube channel when I graduated high school. In high school, I was very creative. I was in theatre, show choir, I also did broadcasting. When I graduated, I sort of lost a piece of myself.

I was always on YouTube and I love watching hair and makeup videos. One day, I got my open house check and I went on Amazon to buy a cheap camera, tripod, and two studio lights and from there that is where I started!

You’re adored for your hair tutorials on YouTube. When did your love for hair start?
It started when I was very young. I loved my Bratz dolls and all of the dolls my mom and grandma would get me. My sisters and I would get so creative, I remember I would chop off their hair to the point where it was braiding length and I would swatch the different colors and I would re-braid in the different color hair to give cool weave braids. Now that I say it out loud, it’s kind of awkward (laughs). From there, me and my older sister would be creative with our own hair. We would put in weave extensions, give each other braids, we did our hair coloring and perms, I just always did my own hair.

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, what is your holy grail product? Why?
Everyone is so surprised when I say this but my favorite foundation of all time is the Bare Minerals Matte Original Mineral Powder Foundation. Out of the beauty world, the Modern Everyday Woman wants fresh, radiant skin and this foundation is buildable and compliments the texture all while leaving your skin breathe. Every time I wear it, no one thinks that I’m wearing any makeup or they compliment my skin.

Do you have a favorite hair look you have showcased so far?
Well, I have two. I really love my faux locs. I always go back to that style. I feel like it speaks for who I am. I’m probably being a bit bias because I grew up with my mom having locs my entire life and I want to loc my hair when I’m in my 40s. I love my faux locs right now but my favorite style is the one that I’m currently rocking. I have this wand curl that is a loose wave kind of wig from Wig Encounters. It’s natural looking, laid black, fresh and cozy. It’s minimal but it really speaks to who I am right now.

What do you believe will be the hair trend that takes over the upcoming fall season?
So, I always feel bad when people ask me about trends because I really suck at it. I actually don’t really follow trends or get too much inspiration just because I feel like when I would try to go with the trend, it just would not look good on me (laughs). I just go with what I like and I’m really inspired by 80s, Janet Jackson late 90s type of vibes. For me, I will be rocking very loose waves but at the same time a sleek look.

You also share fashion looks on your channel. Do you have a favorite online store or store that you’ve shopped from? Why is it your favorite?
Fashion is kind of an interesting thing for me because I do love the popular stores that everyone is shopping from just because they’re so affordable. Right now, I’m shopping from Fashion Nova and PrettyLittleThing. It’s also fun because I’m able to find my own personal style within this very on-trend certain type of look. A website that I really love is Zaful. I love getting satin camis and dresses and they have a great selection there. For shoes, I get all of my shoes from DSW. I wear a size 11, I have huge feet (laughs) and that is the only place that I can go that has a variety of different styles. I’m also super tall, I’m pretty much six feet tall and I get all of my jeans from Fashion Nova.

What can we expect to see from Destiny in the future?

You can definitely expect to see a whole lot. I feel like I’m just now starting my journey, I’m just now starting to see my path a bit more clear. If you follow me, I’ve been doing a lot of beauty modeling, I’ve worked with Maybelline, Colorpop, BH Cosmetics so I’m hoping to expand my portfolio with that. I’d like to do some lifestyle and video campaigns with my modeling. I’m also working on starting two of my product ventures where I’ll actually be able to sell and create a whole new brand so I’m really excited about that!


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