Our wait is finally over! Sheen Magazine has finally sit down with YouTube beauty sensation, MonicaStyle Muse! Monica, best known for her spicy latina roots has attracted the beauty world for living her truest, best life! Allow us to introduce you to Monica, who isn’t an expert, she’s your girl friend who loves all things beauty.

Can you tell our readers about yourself? 

Well, I go by Monica Style Muse and I was born and raised in Brooklyn. My family is Dominican and we were raised in Bushwick, which is a very diverse area.

What inspired the creation of your YouTube channel?
I always grew up feeling like I never had a face in mainstream media. I just felt out of place and felt like someone was judging me because I had an accent. People didn’t understand how I could speak Spanish because I’m black. Once I got onto YouTube, I felt like black people always feel like we always have to tone ourselves down. I wanted to be proper, whatever that means. (laughs) I realized one day, that I should just try to be less extra. Looking back, I was so boring. My platform just did not reflect who I am. Up until two years ago, I completely said, screw it! I’m going to live in my truth.

Your channel also covers the topic of you being Dominican. When did you know that you wanted to incorporate your Latina roots on your channel?
When I started my channel, I never spoke Spanish. I thought people knew who I was. When I started speaking Spanish, people were like “Wait…What the heck is going on?” People wanted me to just make another channel to speak Spanish. I knew I wasn’t going to change my channel. My culture is apart of me. I’m a black girl that speaks Spanish. I want to inspire others if they haven’t seen it… they’re seeing it now.

It was rough at first but a lot of people understand it now. There aren’t subtitles because I’ll admit, I am lazy (laughs). Dominicans speak really fast. My family and I talk over each other too so there’s no way I can include subtitles in that (laughs). My audience has been able to beat the face, do their hair, live their truth, and simply enjoy me living in my truth.

When I meet my Muse Familia (I don’t call them fans or subscribers, they’re my extended family) they see that I’m the exact same person I am on camera and that’s important to me because this is not a façade, it’s real, my channel is a reflection of my life.

Do you have a favorite beauty brand? Why is it your favorite?
Oh my gosh! I’m such a hoarder so this will be hard for me (laughs). My brain is going 100mph! Can I pick two? (laughs) I ride for my friends so, ItsMyRayeRaye Palette with BH Cosmetics. Not only because she’s my friend but it’s one of those palettes that is so universal for all people and all skin tones. Makeup has become a political thing now if it doesn’t compliment everyone, someone will have something to say about it and that palette has been groundbreaking for all skin types and colors. It’s a plus that she’s my friend but it’s an amazing product and I literally use it everyday especially to contour.

For nude lips, e.l.f. Iris, she has her own nude palette and again, the colors are universal. She made a video of how many conjunctions she could make with just those colors and it’s just beautiful. I’m speaking from a dark-skinned girl’s perspective, nudes are hard for us to find and she managed to find colors that compliment everyone. It’s a plus that these two women are in my life but it’s also an added plus that you can tell that they took their time to make the products universal for everyone to try and it looks amazing.

Could you tell us about your holy grail product?
My holy grail would definitely be MAC Prep + Prime Fix+. I know that a lot of people said that baking was going to be a thing of the past but I personally disagree. Baking is a way of life, if you don’t bake your face, you’re probably going to crease and if you want to crease that’s totally fine (laughs). I absolutely love baking, it’s essential to me, especially under the eyes. I smile a lot so I also bake my smile lines. I can use all the powder in the world on my face but with the fix+ spray, it’s like I have nothing on my face. I don’t know what it is but MAC has something in that spray bottle that makes it feel like you have no makeup on your face, you feel photoshopped, it’s insane and it’s beautiful!

What can we expect to see from Monica Style Muse in the future?

I have so many things that I want to do. I have a bucket list. I want to have my own show, definitely in a digital space where I can talk, because I love to talk and also invite creators into a space where we can sit down and talk about what they’re doing! This space has been really hard to get into because so many people are doing it. A lot of times, people feel like their voices aren’t being heard. I want to simply highlight these creators.

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