The HBO miniseries, Big Little Lies, based on the popular book, aired it’s finale episode last night and filled in the gaps and brought closure to all the answers we had about the show that always left us hanging.

While all of Monterrey’s moms and dads dressed in their best Audrey Hepburn or Elvis, it’s undisputed that Zoë Kravitz stood out as the fairest lady in the episode. She was perhaps the best dressed Hepburn of the show’s culminating end and unexpectedly became the major player many of its viewers weren’t expecting. She channeled her inner Audrey Hepburn to become “Eliza Doolittle” at the embassy ball from the 1964 movie, My Fair Lady, and blew everyone away when she took the stage to sing her own rendition of Elvis’s “Don’t”. The embellished white ball gown, diamond tiara, and satin white gloves was not the look many expected from “Bonnie,’ but it showed that she could up-stage even the most glamorous moms of Monterrey.

Kravitz’s character “Bonnie” provided an ease to the tension filled town of Monterrey as the calmingly unorthodox, 21st century millennial mother who preferred yoga over catty conflict. “Bonnie” has been the closest character Kravitz has played that mirrors her own carefree, California bohemian personality and carries remnants of her equally immaculate mother, Lisa Bonet.

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Big Little Lies, the complete miniseries, is available to stream on HBO, HBO GO, and HBO NOW. Music from the show is also available on Apple Music & iTunes.

Featured Image: Shutterstock