Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Cover Shoot With the Cast of When Love Kills Available On Stands and Online Now!

Michelle Williams Opens Up About Dealing with Depression

Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams got real personal and opened up about her struggles with depression while guest co-hosting […]

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of “The Mane Event”

One of Hollywood’s best kept secrets happens to be style architect Shun Melson, one of Atlanta’s go-to wardrobe influencers. […]

Porsha Ferguson On Her Upcoming Projects

This year’s Peachtree Village International Film Festival will feature a familiar face. Porsha Ferguson, known for her recurring role […]

Treat Yourself Thursday: DIY Bath Bomb

It’s Thursday and you’re itching for the end of the week. What sounds better than a warm, comforting bath […]

Women of Empowerment Wednesday: Massy Arias

Certified personal trainer, Massiel Indhira Arias, or Massy Arias, is known for her fitness inspo she posts on her […]

Shonda Rhimes: The Third Black Woman Inducted into the TV Hall of Fame

Shonda Rhimes continue to make history! Rhimes has just become one of the three black women to be inducted […]

Co-Founder of WearBrims: Archie Clay III Talks Style & Fashion

You know a trend has truly crested when you see it all over the red carpet. That’s currently happening […]

Mr. & Mrs. Radric Davis

It’s official, Gwop has finally tied the knot! After seven long years of plenty of ups and downs, Mr. […]

Coach, No More!

The holiday season is upon us. Yes, ‘tis the season with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all on […]

Brunching & Book Launching with Oprah

Maven of all things glamorous, Oprah has done it again! On Sunday, October 15th, Ms. Winfrey hosted a Sunday […]




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