Award-winning fashion designer and author, Miguel Wilson is a man who simply needs no introduction. You’ve seen his prestigous designs on and off the runway whether your favorite celebrity is rockin’ his perfectly detailed design or you’ve seen a groom on his big day getting married in his Miguel Wilson Wedding Collection suit. With the designer’s second annual Fashion & Polo Classic coming up, we had to catch up with him to discuss the big event! Tune into our exclusive interview with Miguel Wilson as he dishes all the details!

Tell us about yourself. When did you know that fashion was something you wanted to pursue as your career?

Honestly, I was in fashion for years before I realized that this was going to be my life-long destination. Ten years in, thats when I committed myself to more of a longterm vision and thought process.

The Miguel Wilson Collection is composed of sport coats, trousers, shirts, accessories, and you even have a signature wedding collection. If you had to choose one word to describe The Miguel Wilson Collection, what word would you choose and why?

Beautiful (laughs). I design things that I enjoy wearing for the most part. Its classic yet has an edge. It’s not your basic, classic look. I use color in a very unique way. My clothes have a more European design. A lot of guys appreciate the more slim looks, a tailored look. That’s what I’m known for.

You will be having a Fashion & Polo Classic event at the end of the month. What can attendee expect to see at this event?

This is our second annual Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic. They can expect a great time! It will set the bar to a whole new level when it comes to party and having fun. We are doing a day party which includes (for our VIP guests) a champagne brunch. When creating this, I asked myself, what would I like? From the moment you arrive, you will be treated the way I wish to be treated. As a VIP guest, you are shuttled with a Bentley. When you arrive to the venue, there will be someone greeting you with a silver platter, serving champagne. Inside we have a variety of entertainment. We have a violinist, a saxophonist, and DJs. I am a cigar smoker so I created a cigar lounge with a bar, there will actually be a gentleman rolling cigars on the premises. There is going to be a chef preparing delicious foods such as red velvet waffles and all kinds of exotic fruits. Once you’re outside of the party, we start the polo. There will be several bars with signature cocktails, sponsored by Grey Goose. We have a Polo match and fashion show.

There is another level called the Ultra VIP where guests can be transported to the venue via helicopter! You would fly in, land on the polo field, and Bentleys will drive you up to the venue. That’s a little something different for most party goers. Most of our guests have never been to a polo match. 

The fashion show is broken up in segments. One is for our Emerging Designers. We have designers that are up and coming, looking to make a name for themselves. This will allow them to showcase their designs on a more significant platform.

Lisa Nicole from Married to Medicine does beautiful clothing and will be showcasing.

The Miguel Wilson Fashion Experience will follow and includes our collection and the wedding collection. We also have The Miguel Wilson Groom Reviews which is where grooms that have worn my clothes in their wedding wear them.

The Atlanta Fashion & Polo Classic funds my foundation which is called Ride to the Olympics. The foundation is geared towards helping inner city kids be exposed to horses and horse sports as well as leadership opportunities. Horses are the main function but we want to expose them to something that they are not used to in order to create different opportunities for them while meeting people they would not ever meet. Horse people are generally people with financial means and nonetheless, it would be a rare occasion where they would meet these children from the neighborhoods they’re growing up in. 

What can we expect to see from Miguel Wilson in the future?

Well, I’m always in the constant state of design. I always want to think through tomorrow. One, you can count on me staying on the cutting edge of fashion. Two, you can count on Miguel Wilson providing an experience for our clients that come into Miguel Wilson showrooms. We want everyone to feel phenomenal when they come to us. We take weddings seriously because when people get married, it’s one of the most important days of their lives. We want to celebrate the occasion with you. Getting a tux in the past can be a headache but we wanted to create an environment for men what women so much enjoy when they pick out their gown. 

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