Airforce Veteran, Dating Coach, Father, Grandfather, Author, and Actor are some of the many titles Rob Malloy holds as an inspirational influencer. Rob has dedicated his life to empowering others with everything that he does.

The Host of the Raw Talk With Rob Show also known as your favorite Silver Fox is best known for making children’s holiday season brighter by portraying the role of Black Santa at Holiday Tree Lightings, Parties, Toy Drives, Photo Experiences, and more.

We obtained an exclusive interview to dive into his thriving acting career, his purpose as a dating coach, and his upcoming Harlem Night Affair event.



Since then, you’ve been a part of films, and commercials. What can you tell us about your latest acting projects and what you have coming up as an actor? 

Rob: Recently I can be seen on Fantasy Football, The Game, and Johnson. I have a few more roles that I can’t speak about just yet, but the one I can speak about, and I am most excited about is the stage play “Recognizing Mr. Right”. We start off in Huntsville, AL in February.


You’re also an author. What inspired you to take this path as a writer? Please tell us about your books and what you’re currently writing now.

Rob: Actually, I started writing because of the engagement I was having on social media. I saw that I could make an impact with the lessons I had learned, and I wanted to share those lessons to hopefully help others avoid some pain, if possible. I am working on the next books in the Uncomfortable Conversations Series. The next book will be out in the Summer of 2023.


Now that we are able to interact with our loved ones in person since the start of the pandemic, why is it important to have a relationship coach? Also, what impact do you aspire to make in the lives of the people you coach? 

Rob: The importance of a relationship coach is to help us with in-person interactions. For almost 2 years we were interacting almost exclusively online. Our in-person skills have suffered because of this isolation. A relationship coach does not just focus on dating. Technically, I am a Dating Coach, I focus solely on dating interactions, but even I have a Relationship Coach. Relationships make the world go round. Relationships are how we interact with others. From Parents to Children, Children to Teachers and Peers — all interactions are based on the type of relationship that has been curated.


We understand that you have a Harlem Night theme event in Atlanta coming up in February. What can you tell us about it? 

Rob: Well, the Harlem Night Affair is a unique take on the celebration of Black Excellence. Men will be in their tuxes and women will be in the fashions of the Roaring ’20s. Yes, we will have fun, but the goal is to celebrate Black Excellence with those that are living and walking examples of Black Excellence. The general admission ticket is only $30, and we have a VIP experience as well as sponsorship opportunities. Anyone within a 2-hour radius of Metro Atlanta should come out to this.


What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Rob: I am a father of 4 amazing adult children. I am the grandfather of 3 incredible grandsons. I am a US Airforce Veteran and an Adaptive Athletics Coach. Everything I do, even as a Social Media Influencer, is to make a positive impact on my community. I am extremely intentional about every interaction that I have. While I love collaborating with others, I am intentional about the types of collaborations that I involve myself with. Let me get this question out of the way, yes, I am single. I am single and dating.

What does the rest of 2023 look like for you? 

Rob: 2023 is filling up for me already. Thus far I have bookings in February, March, April, May, and December. I am really excited about the release of the next book in the Uncomfortable Conversations Series. I am excited about the Adaptive Athletics Season that starts back up in July. I miss interacting with the kids. While these kids may have been diagnosed with disabilities, they show me every chance that they get, that they are able to do much more than people give them credit. They inspire me to keep pushing forward.

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Photo Credits: Nina Karetova and Antoinne Duane Jones