About Desirae L. Benson

Desirae Benson is a 5-Star Rated Publicist who works hand in hand with high-profile musicians, actors, politicians, producers, directors, authors, playwrights, entertainers, businesses, athletes, and other industry professionals to create an even bigger buzz around them on and offline. With a master’s degree that focuses on the areas of Written Communication, Public Relations, Linguistics and Journalism, her expertise has afforded her the ability to showcase her professional prowess in creating dynamic and memorable content across many facets of the entertainment industry. She pens high-quality press releases, biographies, and write-ups, that are geared for national news outlets, music festivals, IMDb accounts, websites, magazines, and a plethora of other online forums. She got her start in entertainment and media relations when she worked with Fox TV in Tokyo, Japan years ago as an About the Town TV Host, interviewing American and International celebrities visiting Japan. She is considered a multi-media journalist who has advanced knowledge with creating EPK’s for musicians, film production teams, corporations, models, photographers, writers, and others who are involved in the entertainment industry. With numerous followers and a vast reach on her social media platforms, Desirae L. Benson has led numerous campaigns for many artists, resulting in outstanding success for them personally and professionally. Her unique ability to personalize content, make it unique and acquire multiple shares, speaks volumes for her clients and the fans who love them. Along with this, she is an editor and journalist for a few awesome national magazines including Sheen. With hundreds of articles in circulation, she does a variety of ghostwriting assignments and other creative writing related projects for her clients on a regular basis. With this, she also serves as a content creator and content editor. She has an awesome flair for bringing out the best in people and conducts a variety of celebrity interviews and special event write-ups that have garnered international attention. Desirae has traveled and lived all over the world and practices a high level of cultural awareness. Her public speaking abilities are impeccable, and much attention is given to developing business relationships on a global scale. As a creative person and a thought leader, she is open to expanding her craft and building lasting bonds with those who work in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. Everything she does is uniquely curated and designed to increase engagement for years to come.

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