Father’s Day is here and I have an amazing and uplifting story.

A Black, Female Veteran wrote a beautiful book titled, “I Love My Daddy” a heartwarming story about a young girl and her father.

The author, Juanita Banks-Whittington, is a dedicated Social Worker, Veteran, Wellness & DEI Practitioner, Civil Rights Advocate, wife, and mother. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore.

What was the inspiration behind writing your book?

Juanita: The inspiration behind writing “I Love My Daddy,” was my husband and daughter. My husband kept telling me he didn’t see any diverse fathers in the books he would read to our daughter. That gave me an idea and I just ran with it. I’m excited to share it with my readers.


What makes your book unique? 

Juanita: I Love My Daddy,” is unique because every illustration shows the routine in my household and diverse characters that mirror relatable people. 


Do you believe in work-life balance? If so, how do you maintain it? 

Juanita: Of course, I believe in having a work-life balance, but it’s not easy to always do. I try my hardest to maintain a work-life balance by setting boundaries. I try not to be captain save everyone and do things that bring me joy or relaxation. 


What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new writers?

Juanita: The best advice I would give aspiring and new writers is to just do it. What do you have to lose? Make sure you do your research and be mindful of scammers.


Who is your business role model? 

Juanita: My favorite business role model right now is everyone stepping out on faith and doing something they are passionate about. 


What’s next for you? 

Juanita: In the next six months I plan to do book readings, network, build partnerships, and promote the importance of why diverse children’s books matter.


What is your proudest business accomplishment?  

Juanita: My proudest business accomplishment has been the process of making a thought reality. Four years ago, I never would have thought I would be an author or owner of multiple businesses.


In your words, why is it so important to celebrate fathers? 

Juanita:  It’s important to celebrate fathers because it shows them, they are appreciated, provides a positive male role model for children, and helps to promote/reinforce good behaviors.


Why is the conversation about mental health so important?

Juanita:  Having conversations about mental health is extremely important because it breaks us out of generational curses continuing, addresses stigmas, educates individuals, and provides an outlet for people to feel heard and valued. 

How can our readers remain connected with you? 

Juanita: Instagram-


Photo Credits: Juanita Banks-Whittington