5 Star Smiles specializes in the highest quality of dentistry in Coral Gables Florida. They follow a strict ethical and patient centered approach. 5 Star Smiles has a goal to eliminate the fears of going to the dentist. Their office is equipped with the most advanced modern technology to provide an outstanding service for all their patients. In addition, their friendly and talented staff will coordinate all your dental needs ranging from urgent procedures such as dental emergencies, root canals, implants fillings, oral surgery to more advanced cosmetic treatments such as smile makeovers, Invisalign, veneers and everything in between. 5 Star Smiles makes sure each and every one of their patient’s concerns are thoroughly addressed and a detailed treatment plan started to achieve the ultimate results desired. You deserve a 5 Star Smile and nothing less.

What inspired the creation of 5 Star Smiles? 

Over the past years our clients inspired us to aim for the stars.  Every time a client looked at the final product, the smile on their face became a permanent fixture.  The joy and happiness were so obvious with each customer that at times we felt such a satisfaction in being able to make a person so happy and self-confident. As time went on our quest for excellence became our goal and passion, we understood that every smile is unique to the individual, and it takes a true passion for the art of dentistry in order to craft the perfect smile. 

What was it about dentistry that interested in you in the first place?

I am a businesswoman and not a dentist, I love everything that is beautiful around me. Over the years as I interacted with dental clinics, I started to appreciate their clinical professionalism and felt extremely comfortable to promote and market their capabilities and tremendous skills in conjunction with the dentists.  What intrigued me is the skill in how dedicated and detailed the dentists were in transforming an individual’s appearance and overall, well-being through the art and science of their profession. Severely crooked teeth or broken teeth are not just a cosmetic dental problem. In fact, these dental concerns can affect the individual’s oral health. Many issues, such as decayed, cracked or crooked teeth, can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and even periodontal disease. By having these cosmetic dental problems taken care of promptly, the patient can better maintain the health of their teeth and gums.

Many people worry that cosmetic dentistry procedures will make their teeth and smile look fake. However, many cosmetic dentistry treatments can be customized to match the needs and preferences of each individual patient. Whether you need dental crowns, dental implants, veneers, or other cosmetic dentistry treatments, the smile you get from 5 Stars Smiles will look natural.

It is a combination of all the above factors and the realization that I can in my own way contribute to an individual’s beauty and self-esteem that really interested me in this holistic total approach to oral health and appearance, I put a team together that has the same vision and culture that believes in my passion and approach. 

What is one piece of advice you would offer readers when it comes to their teeth?

Taking good care of your mouth and teeth throughout your whole life can help prevent problems as you get older. Taking care of your teeth means brushing and flossing every day and seeing the dentist regularly every six months. Good mouth and tooth care as an adult can help you avoid tooth loss, painful gums, or other problems.

Do you plan to expand outside Florida?

Our strategic plan Is not to grow for the sake of growing. We however plan to have multiple locations in Florida serving all our customers the same quality and high end- products offered at each location to ensure that our mission statement holds true to every location. We will then plan to establish and duplicate our standard of excellence in different states that we feel we will fill a high brand void. Our focus now is to make sure that we deliver our promise to all our patients with a smile that they can be proud of forever

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