Birthdays make up a special day in a person’s life. It’s a celebration of one’s existence and milestones that usually involves gifts and surprises. However, is it possible to make a birthday surprise without giving presents?

Learn some thoughtful birthday surprises that don’t involve gifts below.

  • Fill The Room With Fresh Flowers

Flowers are usually handed or delivered in bouquet arrangements as gifts. If you want to surprise your loved one on their birthday, you can fill a room with fresh flowers instead of giving a flower bouquet to your grandma, mom, sister, or daughter. Doing this surprise is worth more than any gift, making the birthday celebrator feel loved and remembered.

Ask other family members to help you order fresh flowers and decorate your living room or the birthday celebrant’s bedroom. You may choose from different types of flowers such as roses, daisies, tulips, peonies, and sunflowers to surprise your loved one.

Indeed, there’s nothing more special than to celebrate your family with a birthday surprise inspired by the presence of fresh flowers. 

  • Give Them A Home Pampering  

Even on their birthdays, parents still work to provide for the family. So, what’s the best birthday surprise for your parents that don’t involve gifts? Surprise them with a home pampering treatment. Here’s how to set up this birthday surprise: 

  • Buy spa must-have items online before the big event such as essential oils and air diffuser. 
  • Decorate the birthday celebrant’s room to create a home spa ambiance on the big day. Install fairy lights and prepare music to achieve a festive effect. 
  • Wear an apron like a real spa service attendant.  
  • You can also use the same concept to surprise someone who’s been too busy lately that they deserve some pampering. Treat and pamper your loved one even just for a day for an unforgettable experience.

Even when your budget is limited, you can still plan a home pampering surprise for your parents and other special persons in your life. Make use of available resources that you have at home, such as essential oils and scented candles. You can also make a DIY face and body scrub that you can easily create using few ingredients.

  • Do Something They’ll Never Expect You’d Do

People usually have things that they hate doing or will never do in their life. It can either be because they’re not good at it or they’re too shy to do it. When people do things they hated the most, it means taking so much courage to face their fears or to dismiss their pride.  

If someone close to you is celebrating their birthday soon, you can show your love and appreciation for them by doing things they never expect you to do to make the person happy such as: 

  • Singing a song dedicated to the birthday celebrant even if you’re too shy to sing in front of guests and visitors. 
  • Asking your loved one to dance with you to the tune of a romantic song for the first time. 
  • Shouting in a public place and professing how much you love them. 
  • Proposing to your wife the second time around. 
  • Giving your permission to your teenage child to drive your car for the first time. 
  • Taking your wife to an outdoor adventure such as hiking or bungee jumping. 
  • Getting a haircut and donating your cut tresses to a cancer organization that your loved one is supporting.
  • Gather Everyone Close To The Birthday Celebrant 

If you need a birthday surprise idea for your grandparents, remember that they don’t need extravagant gifts. Elderly people treasure connections and socialization the most. So, it’s better to surprise your senior family members by gathering family and friends in a get-together or even just via a virtual meeting on their birthday. This special activity is the greatest intangible gift you can give to your grandparents. 

  • Plan A Digital Birthday Surprise  

You can also initiate a digital birthday surprise for your loved one. Even if you’re miles apart from each other, you can send or post a video message through social media. Include inspiring music and images so they can feel even more special. Despite the distance and the restrictions of the current coronavirus pandemic, the online world can still make birthday surprises possible even without giving tangible gifts. 

  • Take Over 

Giving a person a day to pause from their daily activities and tasks can provide them with great relief and relaxation. For instance, you can let your busy wife rest during her special day. Take over her wifely and motherly duties so she can go out and shop with her friends. 


There are certainly several ways to surprise your loved ones without involving gifts. Try your best to incorporate the element of surprise without losing thoughtfulness and creativity.  

You can do things you haven’t done in the past to surprise your special someone. It’s also a good idea to let your loved one experience relaxation and special treatment, such as a home spa service for the first time. The goal is to make the birthday celebrant feel extra special and happy on their most-awaited day of the year.