Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, this goes out to all 2020 seniors.

It’s just not fair, is it? To have your senior year taken away from you, in a matter of days. No one expected anything to turn out this way, but then again, I suppose that’s life. It seems like just yesterday we were hearing about this virus for the first time on the news, and now…stores are closed, summer camps have shut their doors months in advance, even the Olympic games are being postponed. There’s no church, or sports…and most people are out of a job. But for seniors, the pain hits on a different level.

High school seniors…this was supposed to be YOUR year. You were finally on top of the pyramid and now you can’t even enjoy it. It feels like all the great things that make up your senior year are gone, prom, senior skip day, senior week, even graduation. The things you’ve grown up watching on TV, daydreaming what it would be like when its your turn, gone without another glance.

College seniors…you are missing those lifelong friends you’ve made. You didn’t even know that your last day was your last day. You were forced out of your dorms, left without saying bye to professors and friends, and are missing out on what was supposed to be the best days before the rest of your life. For those in sororities or fraternities, you’re missing formals, senior roast, and even alumna ceremonies. For those studying abroad, your semester was cut short before the rest, you were sent home from your beautiful journeys before they were even finished.

The situation isn’t fair to anyone. People are losing loved ones; others are out of jobs and unable to pay bills and grocery stores are having to limit how many necessities people can buy just to leave enough for everyone. This isn’t to say that their pain isn’t valid, everyone’s is. For 2020 seniors though, it’s more about the symbolic meaning than anything else. The power of being a senior and getting to experience those legendary moments that you will forever remember.

Although it all feels like a big question mark right now, things will turn around. Businesses will eventually open their doors back up, states will come out of lockdown, and life will resume as if nothing happened. So, what will happen to those who lost their senior moments? Well, being only one person, I can’t say for certain. But I do know this, you are able to do anything you put your mind to. You want a prom? Pull out your prom dress and get yourself ready, you can have a prom with all your friends right in your room, and you don’t even have to worry about getting home past curfew. Missing senior roast? Don’t worry, group chats are perfect for that kind of stuff. Plus, ZOOM makes it accessible to share content with large groups of people, so it’s like you’re all together.

There are plenty of alternatives to doing the things you looked forward to. It may not be your ideal version, but it’s what’s available now. Plus, it isn’t even about to event or what you wear, but the people you spend it with and make memories with. That’s what it all boils down to. And no one can take that away from you. Not even a nasty virus.

Following all this chaos plenty of events will be rescheduled for people to attend, maybe it’s events you were looking forward to, maybe not. The only thing to do now is to make the best of everything. Put a smile on and remember that things could be much worse, and for others they are. Take this time to be grateful for what you do have and have experienced, instead of just dwelling on what could have been. Sure, it’s awful having your senior year taken away, but again, life is what you make it…so to quote Hannah Montana…let’s make it right.

Stay positive and remember to be kind to everyone! We will get through this.