Ardre Orie is hosting an innovative writers retreat to help fellow writers focus on their craft, get inspired, and learn the basics of marketing. The “Dear Paris Retreat 2020” will help writers reach their peak potential, establish a brand presence that speaks volumes about their talent and skills and find innovative methods to monetize messages with proven strategies that work. The 5-day retreat will feature writer’s workshops, mixers, writing excursions, and nightlife adventures to explore Paris and all it has to offer! Ardre has assisted many writers on their journeys to self-publishing. Ardre the self-proclaimed “Queen of Storytelling” has written several books for celebrities as a ghostwriter, book publishing expert, playwright, film director and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House. Ardre has helped publish several celebrity books and has worked with Influencers such as; Amina Buddafly, Tia Becca, Jayla Koriyan plus more! 

Ardre has created an innovative and creative experience for writers to indulge on. Dear Paris 2020 is the ultimate international writer’s retreat which will include 5 days of tribe building, empowerment, and high-level writing workshops. 13th and Joan Publishing, founded by Ardre Orie, has created a unique global literacy experience that will set the stage to let inspiration find the writers in attendance so that they have the tools they need to write stories from the soul. Spend a week in Paris, June 7-11, 2020, with a curated group of writers that want to not only get their stories told but also learn revenue, income, sales, and profitability from releasing their stories to the world. Interested in attending? Register today clicking here.

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Featured Image by Ardre Orie