Cashmere Moon is an indie beauty + body care company built on the promise of providing pure, skin-nourishing products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and wrapped in environment-friendly packaging.
Tisha Ayers is the founder and CEO of Cashmere Moon. Her leadership years in the Armed Forces coupled with her Master’s degree in Business Administration became the foundation for starting the brand. 

What unique challenges do you feel female entrepreneurs face? 

Tisha: I feel that women may struggle more with work/life balance. Traditionally, women are expected to be the nurturers and take care of the home. But as businesswomen, we devote so much time to developing our businesses. For some of us, struggle with the balance and may feel guilty if we provide too much time for our business and our home responsibilities fall behind.



What is most rewarding about running a beauty brand? 

Tisha: In starting any business, it’s so rewarding to start it from nothing and watch it blossom. To see that you make or provide something that others find value in. It’s just so rewarding.

Why should women invest more in self-care?

Tisha: Oh man! Self-care helps us understand ourselves more. Respect ourselves more. Love ourselves more. No one will treat us like we treat ourselves, so we have to show ourselves the love and respect we deserve first.


In what ways does your brand give back? 

Tisha: We have a partnership in our local area to provide assistance, guidance, and advice to entrepreneurs to assist with any concerns they may have so we all can grow and learn from one another.


What would you like our readers to gain from this interview? 

Tisha: If nothing else, LOVE YO SELF and of course, moisturize!


How can our readers stay in touch with you?  

Tisha: We can be friends on social media using our handle @shopcashmeremoon or email us at 


Photo Credits: Cashmere Moon