It’s not often you receive the gift of knowledge from a powerhouse businesswoman, but when you do – you LISTEN. Gain key advice from Award-Winning Businesswoman, Author and, Women in Business Advocate, Ariel Shaw, MBA in this exclusive interview.

How does it feel being a businesswoman especially in this generation?

I am so glad this says businesswoman versus a female entrepreneur – as there is a difference. I subscribe to being a businesswoman over the term of entrepreneur, as that term limits you. It feels amazing being a businesswoman in this time because we are truly now getting the support and recognition that we deserve. While there were several businesswomen that came before us, such as the Madam CJ Walkers, the Oprahs, or even the Ms. Kims, women going into the board rooms, running organizations, and even political offices was not so widely accepted and desired like it is today. There are more opportunities and I am excited to take advantage of this opportunities that align with my mission.

What motivates you the most to continue pushing your dreams as a top priority?

I have an innate amount of ambition that motivates me daily to continue pushing. God placed me here with my specific DNA to execute my specific role in His larger plan. I am simply fulfilling that purpose until He shows me something different. While keeping my Legacy top of mind.

What mindset do you feel is necessary when entering the field of business?

Whew, this is probably your most important question. I have a resilient mindset and one that is absolutely needed to execute and be successful in business. You have to be able to handle the no’s, the low’s and the punches, as much as you handle the highs of being a success in business. I am concerned for the next generation as the lack of resilience is not as prevalent. I am hoping that the persistence trait is enough- but one must build up their muscle to be resilient if they want to be successful and remain mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy.

What are some personal tips that you can give to up and coming women of business?

Personal tips for up and coming business women, would include but certainly not limited to “finding your tribe.” Find a support organization that can help you on this entrepreneurial journey. Have work life integration- I recently had a talk with another fellow woman in business who stresses this over work life balance. I would also suggest placing boundaries on your personal and family time, while giving yourself grace if you have to interrupt that time for work. Also, place yourself on your calendar like every other meeting to ensure you are allowing yourself personal care time.

As a woman first, what would you say is the most important when becoming your own boss?

The most important aspect of becoming a boss as a woman, is ensuring you create a strong foundation for the business that you are entering. Understand your market, create a business plan, a marketing plan, understand your numbers and your projections for next 3 to 5 years. Be sure you actually have the capital to be successful and properly market and protect the business that you are creating. Also, as a woman, have a talk with your family to let them know you will need their support and grace, especially in the area of time, as this will be the area hit the hardest when creating a business next to finances.

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