American actor and host, Faruq Tauheed has been seen and heard on television, film, and radio for years! He’s appeared in many of our favorite shows such as Cold Case, NCIS, and as the ring announcer on the hit series, BattleBots! Well, Tauheed has just landed a new role as host on NBC’s series, Roots Less Traveled and we wanted to know all about it! We caught up with the man of many talents to discuss this exciting new show and what we can expect to see!

How would you describe your overall experience as ring announcer on the Discovery channel series, BattleBots?

My experience over the last four season (season five coming soon) has been truly amazing. It’s been pretty much perfect. When I went to interview for the job, they were telling me they were going all over the country and couldn’t find anyone. I was taken back by that thinking, how can they not find anyone? I know I’m not that unique or special. Turns out that this job for me has been a unique and special job. It gave me a lot of confidence in doing what I do. This show is perfect for me because I get to be silly, funny, loud, excited, and I get to do all that I love to do. The writers and production team has allowed me to be myself so it’s truly the perfect job.

Tell us about the new NBC series, Roots Less Traveled.

Roots Less Traveled is a new show that is coming out. I couldn’t think of a better time for it to be coming out, especially now when a lot of people are home with their families. We take two members of a family from different generations and bring them together to explore their family history. A lot of times with family history, you hear a lot of rumors or stories that get passed down. In this show, we explore those stories and let our viewers know if they’re true or not. At the same time, you’re also going to be involved with personal stories and learn about historical moments in our history as well.

What can viewers expect to see in this new series?

Viewers can expect to see a lot of family fun, family coming together, and learning about their history. Not only that but you get the opportunity to learn about historical moments about our time. From John F. Kennedy to Titanic, we hit slavery issues. Our viewers can expect fun, adventure, journey, but have your tissues ready because there are emotional moments as well (laughs).

What can we expect to see from you in the years to come?

In years to come, you can expect to see hopefully a lot more. I’ve always been a believer in the reward for work is more work. Hopefully my work is good enough to allow me to do more shows. I wanna do game shows, host talk shows, voice overs, so hopefully you’ll see a lot more of me in the years to come.

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Featured Image by Russell Baer