While making sure to drink plenty of natural vitamin water and remaining in the headspace to continue to become the best version of her Kourtney Hillingsworth shares her light and the journey to losing over 189 pounds. Having to overcome the mindset of doubt, she had to push further, educating herself on the habits to create in order to make not an only physically but mentally as well. The process was nothing short of a wonder that happened for the whole world to see, keep reaching for your goals.

How have you been able to maintain the right mindset to go through a long weight loss journey?

I keep a shelf in my home filled with the medication, insulin pen, and blood pressure cup placed on them.  Next to it I keep a daily scripture and a digital photo frame with pictures through my journey flashing. I have to constantly remind myself of where I came from to make sure I do not go back there.

What was one the hardest obstacles you had to overcome?

I had to overcome my mindset. Overcoming the fears and the cant’s. Our entire lives we are told we can be whatever we want to be in our careers, in organizations, and in the community.  When it comes to health, we make excuses. “You were born with big bones, you are the way you are supposed to be, and enjoy food you only live once.” The truth is we die once, we live every day.  I knew I truly wanted to live every day to the fullest and not just exist!

Did you have a support system during your process?

I had a huge support system. My childhood doctor from high school was the biggest supporter and a counselor to me. My family and friends exercised with me – I had a nutritionist, chef, personal trainer, and a pastor. It takes a lot of support to change your life.

photo courtesy of Kourtney Hillingsworth

In what ways did your mindset change while you were on a journey?

I realized that just enough was not enough for me. Each pound I had something I had to heal from mentally and emotionally.  I knew if I could reach the weight loss goal I was setting, I could reach any goal I set.  That meant that settling for less was not my best.  I started saying, “The Best for the Rest!” which means I have to apply the best I had for the rest of my life in every aspect.

What are five tips you would give to someone who cannot stay consistent throughout their journey?

  1. Keep a journal of your feelings as you crave foods. A normal food journal did not work for me, because attaching food with the emotion is very important.
  2. Take time to love and celebrate yourself.
  3. A gym is not for everyone starting off.
  4. Every journey begins with a single step, but your first step has to be out on faith.
  5. Use things you had in your childhood to help you reach goals that seem unreachable. During that time in your life you believed you could do anything! 

What are some ways you manage to keep the weight off?

I still juice at least once a month, I cleanse at least every 6 months, and I balance exercise with my calorie intake. On the days I eat heavier food or sweets, I exercise more and it becomes a natural balance. 

How has this shaped your life now?

My life is completely different. I used to be a huge homebody and introvert. Now, I’m not afraid to do anything – I love adventures, hiking, parasailing, swimming, and enjoying life.  I try to explore places and things I have never explored before. I can wear designers I couldn’t before like Gabrielle Union, Jessica Simpson, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Kenneth Cole. I have a joy and contentment inside I never had before.  

What projects can we expect next from you?

K Worth is next!  How Much is your K WORTH?  I want to use what I learned to help others, so I am working on a book. I am also working on a curriculum to teach people on medicine what it takes for their bodies to survive after coming off medication. I want to see more people off medication and living their best lives! It starts with someone that has experienced it, and I want to be their voice.

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Featured Image by R. Williamson