Still, a blank canvas has more to look forward to. It reflects several collages shown before you. All to never know where it will end up in life. With the stroke of a paintbrush, few shades of perfections to be labeled as a masterpiece. Looking deeper, speak to what you see. Each blend of color doesn’t define what is destined to be created. Beauty is determined by all beholders. The caged bird of this canvas was carved for the world to see not to be captured and held in tight capacity. To be loved by no other by not only the creator but what she was given. Giving birth forced in rage her colors mark upon you. Covered in nothing but what you were given. Never let the eyes of many make you feel belittled. The journey to be dripped in colors that define the things many are not able to understand. Finding the perfect shade till colors fade. It is now to be shown as a blank canvas.