Get to know the story behind the multi-talented business personal and serial entrepreneur, Tina Fobbs, how she made it to where she is and what she has coming up next!

Can you tell us a bit more about who is Tina Fobbs? 

If we talk about titles, I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, speaker, and producer. Who I really am is the voice of the unbreakable woman! I am a woman living out my dreams and goals. I am a fighter. I help other individuals find clarity in what success means to them which ultimately propels their lives forward.  The mission is always to motivate and elevate.

Being a woman of several successful careers from author, publicist, producer, and entrepreneur, do you feel you are fulfilling your dream? 

Absolutely. I continue to dream bigger with each goal I reach but there is always more on the horizon. I will never stay stagnant. I always know I’m doing the right things because I wake up every morning excited and motivated. When that stops, I know it’s time for a change.

When did you know you wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry, especially in several different arenas? 

I didn’t know until I had to get my internship hours for college. I confidently walked into Radio-One in Richmond, Virginia and said I needed an internship. The Marketing Director, Brian Robertson, said ok great and asked me if there were any papers he needed to sign. He’s been my mentor ever since. I was offered a weekend position and after a while realized it didn’t really fit my personality. I was more behind the scenes. That’s what made me research a career in public relations.

When did you know you wanted to become a producer, and can you tell us about how you got started in production?

It’s the perfect fit for me. My husband is a Director and Producer and we own a production company. He has been in cinematography for close to 10 years, so he’s taught me so much along the way. Kinship Works has been in existence for about 7 years now, but I knew it was my time to really be serious and transition into film once Kinship Studios started to become such a widely sought after facility for videos and television pilots. There is nothing like being in the midst of something and seeing everything happening first-hand. The studio is my family’s second home. My 12-year-old son works on set of most of the productions as well; Sometimes he gets to be the talent. It’s a pretty cool journey to build the legacy with the whole family involved.

Begin with Belief, the first book in The Unbreakable Woman Series; Can you tell us a little more about the book?

What motivated you to write it? I wrote it about 2 years before I actually released it. I have met so many people who feel like where they used to be or where they are is where they are meant to be. I’ve been there.  I hate to see people stuck because they simply don’t believe in themselves or don’t see the potential that others see. A new life can always start at any point when you begin with belief and take real action.

What would you like your readers to gain from reading this book?

Gain awareness of their inner self and be more mindful of the possibilities their futures hold. When they finish i want them to really take the advice and gems given and make a positive change not just get motivated for the moment. Make a lasting impression on your life that your kids’ kids will feel.

Your book is noted to be a series, will you be releasing book two soon and can you give a brief of what we can expect? 

I am extremely excited to share book two. It will focus on mental health, Especially the mental health of female entrepreneurs.  You can believe it will be an eye opener.

With everything you’re currently doing, what else do you have coming next?

I can’t say everything but aside from my books one thing I must mention is that I am currently developing meaningful content with Kinship Works and The TSBAgency. As you know The TSB Agency is owned by Tamra Simmons who created Surviving R. Kelly. The partnership is nothing short of amazing.

How can people continue to follow you and what you have coming up? 

They can follow me on Instagram for any further inquiries please visit the official Tina Fobbs website or email:


All images courtesy of Tina Fobbs