Entrepreneur, Jacquece Jennings decided to step out on faith and pursue her dreams. Not only did she succeed but she became the only black woman in the state of Georgia to own a CBD company (non-affiliate). Her company, Nuleaf #1 is a CBD store based in Roswell, GA. The company specializes in organic and vegan CBD products. We wanted to sit down for an exclusive interview with the founder of the many CBD products people around the world cannot quit raving about!

How did you get into the CBD world?

It’s quite an interesting story. I am a veteran; I was in the military. I was stationed in Seattle. When I got out of the military, I started to really research dispensaries because it was so crazy being from the south that there was a state that had dispensaries everywhere. It was a normal thing. I started to build relationships with owners, and they gave me insight into their world. At that time, you need like $250,000 to have a conversation and I didn’t have that. I started working for a corporate company and did well, so they relocated me from Seattle to the south. The dreams I had, I had to put on hold because I had to excel in the job that I had at the moment.

I remember that I went to the eye doctor just to get an eye exam for new glasses. The lady told me that the pressure in my eyes looked like I did drugs or there was something wrong. I knew I didn’t do drugs, so I went and got an MRI and found out that I had a pituitary gland tumor. At that time, I was scared. I thought it was over, I was so young. I just thought my life was going to fall apart.

I did more research on the herbal life, CBD, marijuana, the benefits of it, and how it helps the body. I researched for my own sanity: anxiety and depression. As I continued to grow within my career, in 2018, CBD became legal in Georgia. Life was starting to change for me. I felt tight in my chest, like I didn’t belong at work. I was always motivating others but I wasn’t following my own dreams. I started to do more research with the CBD industry and pulling my resources to network even more. When I found my way, I took a leap of faith and started my own. One day, I left my office and never returned to corporate. I began the footwork and opened up Nuleaf #1!

What is your favorite product from the brand?

Ooh. My favorite product that I use daily is the Pain Cream. It has 500ml of CBD and it’s made with eucalyptus and lavender. I love it. I put it on my feet because I am on my feet a lot and all over my body. A lot of first responders love the Pain Cream. If I had to choose a second, it would be the CBD Oil because it goes straight to the blood stream.

How does it feel to be the only black woman in the state of Georgia to own a CBD company (non-affiliate)?

Well, it’s crazy. The thing is I don’t have an affiliate program. As you can see, people around the world sell CBD products and open up franchises. I really had a serious personal connection. To have a tumor is truly lifechanging. Pituitary gland tumor controls your hormones so it could prevent you from having children, many different things. My connection to it was too strong for me that I didn’t want to have an affiliate program. I had a lot of people that wanted me on board but that wasn’t a route that I wanted to take. I wanted full control over the ingredients, I wanted something authentic, organic, and build the foundation myself when it comes to the energy and consumers. It’s been a learning experience and testing as well. When I came out, I used my own hardworking money, I really thought it out. I asked how can I make my business different? How can I make my products stand out? CBD is still new to people. It’s been one of those moments where I have to continually stay engaged. I’m very relatable and I know a lot of information about CBD. I love people, talking to others, and listening to people tell their journeys with CBD.

What can we expect to see from you and your brand in the future?

Right now, it’s crazy. Especially with COVID-19. Every business, entrepreneur, and people are figuring out how their lives are going to be. My business is new, and things are changing. Instantly, we became one of the first stores to offer delivery. We started doing curbside pickup. Online sales picked up as well. We want to set up a program with delivery, I love the format of that.  We’re thinking about opening up another story. Our main focus is to have a few affiliates where individuals that love the product can be a part of Nuleaf team. We’re connecting, taking it one day at a time, and allowing our growth to go on in the community as well. People’s stress lives with all that’s going on is up right now. We’re here for them during this time. I know what it feels like to be on the frontlines so I have a big heart when it comes to those individuals.Military, first responders, teachers, and those on the frontlines automatically get 15% off Nuleaf products.

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