Technology is here to stay and it’s best for everyone to become more comfortable with its usage. From simplifying our daily activities to making our workloads easier, technology is a great advancement. It’s also useful to entrepreneurs. It can help to automate your workflow, connect with your audience, and more. Technology can even be used within the beauty industry. “Technology will win, so learn it,” says Kechia Taylor of Brows & Co. 

Technology is influencing the beauty industry in many facets. From day to day practices, goal setting, and revenue; it’s helping beauty figures to level up. “Technology plays a major role in the beauty business. You have to be online to thrive. Visibility is important because that’s the way your target audience will find you,” Kechia advises. “The need to be online for your business is not just limited to social media,” she adds.

When thinking of how to use technology you can narrow it down to three aspects. This can simplify your life in business. “Three technology needs are definitely a Google business profile, SEO, and website,” Kechia suggests. “Social media isn’t even in my top three because oftentimes people are hustling to find and connect with potential clients on social media. The key is to build a long-term strategy, and that doesn’t include posting your business and services every second on social media,” she continues. “The great thing about the three tech needs I mentioned is that they are static and stay present seven days a week, so customers can find you even when you’re not actively online,” she continues. 

Here’s more on how Kechia Taylor of Brows & Co advises on the use of technology for your beauty brand:

How can beauty professionals pivot to shift their technology focus on a budget?

“Almost everything you can do-it-yourself and these tech needs are all free! The important thing is to educate yourself. Follow people who talk about tech and beauty. An

important thing to remember is to find someone who is talking specifically about the

beauty industry. If you start to use the tech tips from an e-commerce company, their SEO

and tips will be completely different and not as effective for your brand.”

Where do you see the beauty industry in the next 5 years?

“I see the beauty industry being 80% online and only 20% in person. Technology is a part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. There will be more virtual consultations, education, and bookings. The only thing that you won’t be able to do virtually is actual beauty services on your client.”

How do you envision your brand within the beauty industry in the next 5 years?

“I envision my brand to be all over the world in the next five years!”

Kechia Taylor is a force of nature. Her grind has built a strong foundation for her beauty brand. She’s a trailblazer in her own right who is also committed to helping other professionals. Learn more about her brand by connecting with her on Instagram as @browsandcompany. Visit her website at

Photo Credits: Thomas Kirk