When rapper and performer Kendoll released his latest single Bounce he brought the type of energy and club vibes that lovers of hip hop haven’t seen in a long time. Everything about this song, from the lyrics to the beat, is a voice and a rhythm that each of us at some point have “bossed up” felt – it speaks to the insatiable desire to be provided for and unapologetically demanding first class treatment in relationships. 

In a recent social media post, the rapper took to social media to announce his latest single would be dropping. “Oh you thought I was done? Nah! When one of New Orleans finest @alrightslash hits you up for a collab… you can’t say no!! With that being said …,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Hearts, fire, and smile face emojis lit up his social media pages as the excitement of his latest release grew stronger. “All that a— in these jeans got your n—- feenin’/ slim fetty with a fetty got yo n!**a dreamin’/ I just pull up in the uring with some foreign b——/ he ain’t payin’, we ain’t stayin working the fan b——/ I’m all about them benjies, if he droppin cash this ass will keep it shakin like its 99/2000/ …,” he raps in the first verse. 

With over 20K monthly listeners on Spotify, Kendoll first made his mark in the music industry with the 2020 release of “Bag Talk” followed by “Space” and “Whole Lotta Money Freestyle” in 2021. In 2022, the rising star turned heads again with the 2022 release of his album “Bounce.” 

To date, Kendoll has over 1K subscribers on YouTube. When he released the Official Music Video for his latest hit “Bounce” feat. Alright Slash garnered over 101K views as fans fell in love with the music, dancing, and club vibes. Fan love poured in from all over globe with over 169 comments and counting. From “My wedding song period” to “I love this song and he is just so classy. Definitely star material,” music lovers did not hesitate to express their sentiments about his latest release. 

Bounce that a—/Shake that a— to the floor b—-/ Let him know he ain’t f—- with no broke b—-/ If he ain’t trina drop the bag its a no b—-/ he dont put me in no rose its a ghost b—-/ bounce that a—/ shake that a— to the floor b—-/ let him know he aint f—— with no broke b—-/ If he aint trina drop the bag its a no b—-/if  he dont put me in to rolls its a ghost b—–,” Hook,” he raps in the hook. 

In the popular music video, Kendoll makes powerful fashion statements in his bodytight lime green, pink, and yellow wardrobe changes. Alongside his dancers, he gave a stellar performance! Whether it was the scene where he “bounced” in the Rolls Royce or danced outside in the rain – the rapper didn’t miss a beat or a moment to entertain and inspire his listeners to get the bag while shaking his braided tresses to the hip hop beat. The video received over 6.3K thumbs up on YouTube. 

Check out the video below:

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Photo Credits: Photo Courtesy of KenDoll