The Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James is now the first active NBA athlete to become a billionaire, joining other NBA greats such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who did so after retirement according to Forbes.

The 37-year-old Ohio native came along way from humble beginning to one of the most recognizable and riches athletes in the world. He lived up to the hype as a generational prospect in 2003 to what many would say one of the greatest basketball players in history, with four NBA championships and four MVP awards.

According to Forbes, James earned $900 million from off-court ventures, including endorsements contracts, and has tallied $385 million in on-court earnings as part of a 19-year career with the Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. He’s set to make another $44.5 million next season in L.A. as part of his two-year contract. If there’s one thing we learned about the baller, he knows how to make money moves. We congratulate James on all his success.