November 7th, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) — Chicano hip hop icon Lil Rob celebrates the release of his highly anticipated album All To The Bueno, HERE out now via Upstairs.

The Fingazz-produced project features 10 tracks of quintessential West Coast lowrider raps that revel in inspiring personal narratives over an array of timeless Soul Train-ready rhythms. After a 30 year career of celebrating the Chicano experience, Lil Rob’s All To The Bueno carries on tradition through enduring feel-good jams. Releasing All To The Bueno during Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary is divine timing for the culture’s most resolute champion of the Chicano experience.

“I slowed down a bit, but I’ve been here and done that,” Lil Rob says of his nine-year hiatus. “I know what to do in order to make something that’s high quality. I’d rather have quality over everything. I want to make sure it’s bumping, my lyrics are clean, and that it sounds clean coming out of the speakers. It’s going to be Chicano rap to the fullest, some feel-good music.”

Stream All To The Bueno HERE.


1. Old Records

2. Moment in Time

3. Too Much

4. Thank You Baby

5. One and Done

6. I Know

7.  All day All Night

8. That Soul

9. Lace Em Up

10. Broken Records


Accompanying the release of All To The Bueno is the Nostalgic Visionz-produced lyric video for “Thank You Baby” HERE, “I’d like to thank you baby, for always, keepin’ it gangsta, baby. And never givin’ up on me,” Lil Rob raps over Fingazz’ soulful mix of strings and synths. It’s an endearing anthem to the one that holds you down against all odds.

“Thank You Baby” is the third release off of All To The Bueno, following “Too Much” HERE and “Moment In Time” HERE.

View the visual for “Thank You Baby” HERE.

Lil Rob has been hyper active in the media leading up to the release of All To The Bueno. He was recently a guest on BREALTV’s Dr. Greenthumb Show hosted by B-Real, which was the first time these two chicano icons have sat down for a conversation. While visiting the Bootleg Kev Show, Lil Rob reacted to being considered “the Jay-Z of chicano rap.” And during an interview with AllHipHop, Rob reiterated his commitment to his culture and passion for crafting feel-good music.

“That’s just what I want to put out there right now—feel good music, real good music, real hood music but nothing too crazy,” he says. “I’m proud of my heritage and proud of my culture. Like when I say brown and I wear a brown bandana and say I represent ‘Brown Pride,’ I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. I don’t mean it like that. Ain’t nothing racial about me. I’m just proud to be brown and that’s what it is. I am proud to represent the people I represent.”

Photo Credits: Estevan Oriol