Jake and Jazz Smollett showcase their design expertise in a new lifestyle series.

The dynamic brother and sister duo, Jake and Jazz Smollett, have teamed up once on a creative venture. They have partnered with Cleo TV to launch a new lifestyle series called Living by Design. In this series, Jake and Jazz will submerge themselves into the living space of featured guests and find solutions to their design dilemmas. The siblings’ creative process is fueled by their love for design and the inspirational stories of their guests. The grand reveal of each space is coupled with a shared meal, specially curated by Jake.

What inspired you to create this show?

Jazz: Last year, while promoting our cookbook, The Family Table: Recipes and Moments from a Nomadic Life, we were approached by Rochelle Brown of Powerhouse Products. The minute she told us about the concept, we were thrilled because it coupled well with the space we were already entering into with our book and the previous cooking show. Designing, decorating, and cooking have long been passions of ours. This series is a really great creative outlet for both of us and an excellent way to touch people’s lives.


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