Home décor and good food! Sounds like a great mix right, well it is and for 3 seasons Living by Design has giving viewers good designs and great new recipes to spice up your palate. Brother and Sister, Jazz and Jake Smollett are a match made in heaven. Starring on CleoTv the sister channel to TvOne, the Smollett’s have ushered in a brand-new style of DIY with style on the tv screen.  Coming from a family with strong roots creole roots in the kitchen and handy workmanship with furniture, this duo has been responsible for transforming households across the country.

Jake says, “Coming from such a large family where there are six siblings and two parents, two things you have to know well was how to cook and how to build. We never had a bed in our household that was purchased from a store even our dining room table was built by my mom and as a child I would help her in the kitchen and to build things. There is a strong appreciation when things are made by hand versus just being purchased from a store you get to add detail and truly make it your own. So, now as a grown man I still don’t buy my beds from the store I build my beds by hand.” 

The shows design is quite unique as they really take into consideration what the person or family needs and likes and from those details the transformation begins. Jazz has the task to come up with the concepts that can turn a space from drab to be into a glorious masterpiece. One of her go to décor shopping tips if good ole thrifting, she says,“I love thrifting. I love being able to go into a thrift store or to go online and find small pieces to add a little touch of love and decor into a space. I can literally go into a space choose a color scheme and literally be able to find exactly what I’m looking for through thrifty shopping and I can find just want I’m looking for from rugs, to couches and ottomans etc. I think people look negatively at thrifting because they are items that once belonged to someone else, but these items literally can be small treasures that add a little flair to your home. “

When it comes to the feeling of being able to bring this experience to someone’s home, Jake says “What we have been able to do for these families in their homes has been nothing short of amazing because not only are we transforming your space but we’re giving you something good to eat from a full meal to a delectable dessert all from our very own recipes. So, with each show we are leaving a little bit of ourselves to each family.”

Catch Living Design every Wednesday on Cleo TV. 

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