Poignant writer of celebrities in sports and entertainment, Landon Buford, is the definition of forging your own path. He has taken the time to host interviews with notable stars such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kiefer Sutherland, Rachel Nichols, and many more. The time of pandemic was tough for many and Landon was no exception. However, once the dust cleared, he was determined to pick himself back up and celebrate the relaunch of As far as he is concerned, he is his own competition in this game of ball.

Landon got his start in sports after interning for USA Track and Field athlete, Norris Frederick. He went on to intern more before taking his talents to publications Respect Magazine and The Hype Magazine. It was then he honed in on his networking skills and began to form his own meaningful connections. Eventually, he left Seattle and moved to Dallas, Texas, where he landed a freelancing gig with the Dallas Observer. During the time between working with them and USA Today, he created and began to create a platform of his own.

Since becoming a well-known name, he has interviewed countless public figures, but the one that stands out for Buford is one with Shira Lazar. She was willing to spend quite a bit of time with her fellow journalist and held the most linear views in career paths. Landon has been more than willing to learn as his journey continues to grow. He remains motivated in his own goals by accepting that obtaining “No” is part of the job and all you can do is grow from it. The re-establishing of was not easy but he worked tirelessly to make it happen. The ultimate motivator for Buford was when he realized, if his dream was going to continue to prosper, he would need to show the world that he practices what he preaches.

His perseverance has come in handy when it comes to his business, Buford Publications LLC. The corporation serves as an umbrella for assistance with marketing brands and landing media coverage for companies as well as individuals. Currently, Landon is headlining an opportunity for recent college graduates to avoid the internship pipeline. He has advised that he wants to create a place where college seniors and graduates can build their resumes and begin working in their chosen fields. He notes that though he was able to obtain an internship, the slots are limited, so this program will assist those who are struggling with finding an alternative.

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